PCCTech Tcon 12-16-2009

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  • Celina Roth
  • Tone Southerland
  • Alan Zuckerman
  • Anna Orlova
  • Anne Diamond
  • Laura Heermann Langford
  • Janie Bowman-Hayes
  • Jim Grant
  • Lisa Nelson


4:00 – 4:10 Chronic Care Workflow

  • Report by Tone Southerland
    • Voting Meeting prior to this one approved the proposal. The authors downsized proposal to include just the patient centered care coordination (the care planning part only) and changed the focus from chronic care to any patient care.

4:10 - 4:20 Nursing e-Summary

  • Report by Janie Bowman-Hayes
    • Intro Slide deck has been created and is under review
    • Still plan on reconvening larger group in January

4:20 - 4:30 Newborn Discharge Summary

  • Report by Alan Zuckerman
    • Continue to be in the phase of collecting paper documents for review
    • The primary workflow is also being evaluated
    • Questions re: how to connect with existing documents for seamless transition. Tone will work with Alan to address the transition issues. Information may need to be added to the ante-partum profile.

4:30 - 4:40 Postpartum Visit Summary

  • Report by Anne Diamond
    • Data elements have been identified and are being sent out to ACOG committee for refinement. Should be ready for next call

4:40 - 4:50 APR/LDR Completion

  • Report by Tone Southerland
    • Project on hold until early next year due to holidays and current workload.

4:50 - 5:00 Perinatal Workflow

  • Update unavailable


  • February F2F location still undecided. Attempting to keep the dates the same, but looking for available location.
  • Target Schedule:
    • Volume 1 completed by Feb F2F
    • Volume 2 completed by May F2F
Meeting Adjourned at 1630 CST