PCCTech Tcon 12-08-2009

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  • Donna (HIMSS)
  • Alan Zuckerman
  • Mike McCoy
  • Rosemary Kennedy
  • Janie Bowman-Hayes
  • Marcia Veenstra
  • Mary Lewis
  • Chris Lindop
  • Peter MacIsaac
  • Tone Southerland
  • Keith Boone
  • Laura Bright
  • Laura Heermann
  • Jean Millar


  • Overview Presented by Peter MacIsaac
  • Proposal Presented section by section, questions addressed between sections.
      • Three distinct “Phases” or areas of the proposal
        • 1. Care Plan
        • 2. Referral
        • 3. Encounter Management/Note
      • Suggest this is broken into 3 profiles (as they can each stand on their own). Also need to resolve potential overalap with the nursing plan of care, as well as the potential overlap with Care Management Profile.
  • Plan: need to break into the three and prioritize. Could consider doing this off cycle and connect with other connectathons. Try to have Australian connectathons in July.
  • Follow up call scheduled for Weds December 15th 2:30 pm CST