PCCTech Tcon 04-22-2010 NDS

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  • Alan has made significant progress on NDS Data Elements spreadsheet
  • Proposal made to create a generic PCC workflow profile that other PCC workflow profiles can inherit from
    • this was recognized as something that should be considered, but out of scope for now

  • NDS profile action items:
    • our goal is to have something complete to publish for public comment
    • write volume 2, focus on finishing sections first, then iterate through again and include entries
    • Jean Millar to provide data elements spreadsheet from LDR to see which data elements overlap


  • Tone Southerland
  • Dave Stumpf, MD
  • Alan Zuckerman, MD
  • Brad Goldenburg, MD
  • Michael McCoy, MD
  • Jean Millar
  • Chuck Carlini, MD
  • Diane Ward
  • Laura (Heermann?)
  • Rob Wilder
  • Lisa Nelson