PCCTech Tcon 04-19-2010 PCCP

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Attendees: Jon Hilton, Brian Dunstan, Chris McQuisten, Corinne Gower, Laura Heermann, Michael McCoy, Paty Graves, Catherine Hoang, Steve Maxwell

Agenda: Preparations for Face to Face Meetings Scheduled for next week.

1. Review the flow diagrams - any changes needed? A few positional points made and addressed. Clarifications discussed and made.

2. Clarificaiton regarding the use of XDS meta-data in the technical framework discussed and clarified.

3. New section describing PCCP relationship to PPOC noted. Team will review and get feedback to Jon.

4. Dr. Stumpf and Jon have had offline conversations prepaing Dr. Stumpf to help represent the PCCP at the F2F meeting next week.