PCCTech Tcon 04-12-2010 PCCP

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Attendees: John Hilton, Donald Stumpf, Laura Heermann Langford, Audrey Dickerson,

Agenda: Progress of PCCP discussed.

  • The following "To-Do's" emerged for team members before next week.
    • 1. Do a more detailed comparison between PCCP and PPOC - Audrey and Laura
    • 2. Update the use cases - John
    • 3. Overview of the comparisons and the specific areas that would need to be addressed - Audrey and Laura
    • 4. Write out how they fit together (PPOC and PCCP)

***a. Look at the open items starting on page 5

    • 5. Dr. Stumpf - will connect with Jon Hilton to be the onsite eyes and ears of the PCCP at the upcoming F2F for Jon. Jon plans on calling in to the F2F at the end of April.