PCCTech Tcon 03-26-2010 NDS PPVS

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  • reviewed spreadsheet for discrete data elements
    • complications are related to the labor and delivery
    • anomolies, complications will reference back to Newborn Discharge Summary
    • there are some data elements that are captured during the antepartum and intrapartum periods for complications and anomolies that should be segregated off from the start to make moving this data to the PPVS much simpler - this approach should greatly simplify the mapping process between these profiles.


  • Alan not in attendance - need to reach out and see if there is a better time for an NDS weekly call.


  • Jean Millar (Intermountain)
  • Tone Southerland (Greenway)
  • Chuck Carlini (Optum)
  • Brad Goldenburg (Optum)
  • Dave Stumpf, MD (UHC)
  • Michael McCoy, MD (ACOG)
  • Tina Groat (UHC)
  • Anne Diamond (ACOG)
  • Celina (HIMSS)