PCCTech Tcon 01-27-2010

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  • Good progress on this profile
  • much discussion between PCC and ITI around overlap between this profile and DRR
  • updating ftp site with latest version of profile

Nursing eSummary

  • reusing Medical Summary and PPOC for much of this
  • pulling out differences for nursing
  • will update on ftp (or send out to group) by friday

Newborn Discharge Summary

  • Alan met with potential stakeholders
  • will update group with a copy before we start next week
  • Jean has some data elements mapping for Vol 2, shared with Alan

Postpartum Visit Summary

  • good progress and will update group before start next week
  • need to finish up process flow


  • Tone to have final versions for review next week at start of meeting, will try to send out a copy sooner if in complete enough status

Perinatal Workflow

  • Keith to have a version of Volume 1 to review next week at start of meeting
  • Likely will be no Volume 2 content, so we can look at option of publishing prior to our normal date in August


  • Tone Southerland
  • Steve Maxwell
  • Alan Zuckerman
  • Jon Hilton
  • Marcia Veenstra
  • Steve Moore
  • Mike McCoy
  • Janie Bowman
  • Curtis Dikes
  • Anne Diamond
  • Jean Millar