PCCTech Minutes 2014 02 15

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Attendees: Laura Bright, Keith Boone, Anne Diamond,Denise Downing, George Cole, Emma Jones, Tone Southerland, Thom Kuhn, Vincent Vanpelt

MCV (formerly PVVS)

Phone in attendees: Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)

  • Led by George Cole
    • Profile name changed to "Multiple Content Views (MCV)"
    • Discusses issues with the new actor. Issues have to do with current definition of content consumer. Profile goal is to have a single document that is produced and consumed where the producer (content creator) will supply multiple xslt which tags the data in the doc to drive the rendering.
    • Rendering may be for patients and for providers. Underlying data is CDA.
    • Discussed HTML tagging of things like names and addresses so that browser can know what to do with it. This goes to additional html markup. Could use the CDA to drive the styleCode which corresponds to html class in the html output. This would result in the ability to supply the xslt to cda to provide a rendering capability.
    • The profile will provide guidance about how to do this. What or when is up to local policy.
    • Original profile was intended to support patient view with really specific use case. Will need to broaden the scope to have a more generalized approach.
    • Proposed changing the profile title (MCV) to make it more generalized. Will include the patient use (view) in the use case).
    • Updates provided for the use cases.
    • Discussed the set of values that will be used for the style code tags. The tags will be types of 'options'. The scope is to enable profile adopters to do certain types of customizations.
    • Technical capability to test the profile will use the tags. The tags will be under options in TF vol 2 - these will be sub-options.


Phone in Attendees: Matt Tiller, John Feikema, Ed Larsen, Angelique Cortez,

  • led by Keith Boone and Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)
    • Discussed need for an executive summary
    • Need to add explanation to the organizing framework explaining the SAIF diagram.
    • Possibly add a shortened bulletted user story?
    • Need a sentence to clarify what "policy" is?
    • Keith verbalized concern with the QIDAM - work is incomplete and will not be completed for another 3 mos.
    • Need to add a conceptual data model - Keith to investigate existing data models. One options is to take the content from CDA and HL7 V3 content to talk about category of information and use it for the conceptual data model.
    • Will meet next week (Feb 17) for an overview of the F2F discussions
    • Will schedule further T-Cons (Nancy will schedule and also see if a call is possible the week of HIMSS - Feb 24).

RECON (formally RCCCP)

Phone in Attendees: Laura Heerman Langford, Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)

  • Led by Emma Jones and Denise Downing
    • Plan is to update the existing RECON profile (Meds, allergies, diagnosis) and include other clinical content and care providers and make available for public comment
    • Provide details specific to reconciliation of general clinical content, meds, allergies, diagnosis, immunizations, providers
    • Discussed handling of Identity
    • Discussed how to apply the reconciliation act to text only CDA constructs and CDA participant construct
    • Made changes to actor options

Joint Meetings

    • update provided by domains on profiles currently being worked on by the various groups.
    • Keith presented update on the DAF white Paper
    • ITI presented a profile candidate tool that can be used to select profiles for implementation purposes
    • Discussed harmonization with HL7 on CDA content - where is it, what is the next step. An open letter to HL7 was proposed.


  • ITI, PCC, Pharmacy
    • Presentation of QDA profile proposed by Vincent Vanpelt (Netherlands). This profile is a result of the Pharmacy request for a way to query for a patient dynamic medication list from multi source.
    • Presentation of Supply chain profile proposal
    • Need to find a domain that will own it
  • Austrian Implementation of IHE Profiles - presented by Mr. Schanner

Change Proposal Review

  • Led by Laura Bright
    • Various change request assigned and resolved


  • DAF
    • Will try to meet the week of HIMSS for the review call.
    • T-Cons will continue using the current Monday time slot. Nancy will schedule the T-Con calls.
    • T-Cons will continue using the Nursing Sub committee Tuesday Time slot (12-1PM EST)
    • Will ask Nancy to change the name of the call from nursing sub-committee to Reconciliation profile.
  • MCV
    • Will work with George Cole for a schedule T-Con time slot