PCCTech Minutes 2013 05 01

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Attendees: Laura Heermann Langford, Laura Bright, Keith Boone, Anne Diamond, Lisa Nelson, Denise Downing, George Cole, Emma Jones, Charles Rica, Landon Bain, Steve Moore, John Eichwald, Tone Southerland, Thom Kuhn,

Phone in attendees: Nichole, Stan Haavik, Terese Flinitzo, Xidong Deng, Anna Orlova


  • Led by Lisa Nelson
    • Review and discussion of draft of state diagram proposed by Lisa and Mauro. Concerns about including quality measures in this profile. After much discussion of pros/cons, and the potential use of the existing quality EHDI profile that already exists suggestion made to have monitoring of workflow instead of flowing directly into the QM report. The monitoring can be monitoring record for multiple reporting needs and determine when the reporting needs to be done. The monitor would not be tied to EHDI. Put the workflow monitor in, do not say specifics about what it ia monitoring, then in August take the idea for the monitor to the proposal season.
    • Review of Volume 3 as drafted till now. Request made for eventTypes to be included on the state diagram for clarity.
    • Request to take the NHS requirement out and make the consent piece optional.
    • To complete this profile for public comment - Lisa needs to make a couple diagrams to support the text in the document to be included. Author feels profile is close to completion and will be able to make publication to public comment.

Order and Referral Matching (ROL)

  • Led by George Cole
    • Reviewed template - and made some updates to simplify the profile in sections and make it more readable.
    • some differences noted between the application of the template by EHDI and ROL - but decided that without more guidance in the template it was OK to keep them as they are.
    • Review of use cases and completed some minor editing.
    • Profile on the way to completion in time for deadline to get to editor.

cCDA Harmonization

  • led by Keith Boone
    • Review and discussion of text of profile
    • Lots of discussion re: concept domain binding, and concept domain governance.
    • Analysis results in 98 concept domains for our initial set
    • This is unlikely to make the May 17th deadline for publication for public comment. Need to address how the change in deadlines affects other profiles such as PtCare Plan. Will continue addressing at the PT Care Plan meeting this afternoon.
    • Currently targeting having this profile ready for public comment at the time of trial implementation.

Pt Care Plan

  • Led by Emma Jones and Denise Downing
    • Review of template IDs, and related identifying codes.
    • Discussion re: the use of IHE template IDs and cCDA template IDs. Discussed with Steve Moore and decided that for this one year, for this profile, options for each (IHE Templates and cCDA templates) will be included and can be tested. The cCDA template IDs will be retired when the CDA harmonization document is available.
    • Team encouraged to complete the template ID requirements to the entry level so the differences in how the different structures meet, or don't meet the needs is clearly communicated.

ITI Change Proposal Process

  • Reviewed by George Cole
    • Discussion regarding how this process may better serve PCC
    • Idea is to include balloted, but perhaps not quite in the final text change proposals in Trial Implementation.
    • Proposal to our process
      • hold 1 hour call every two weeks to discuss change proposals. Will give it a trial from now until next face to face meeting then reevaluate.

Diagnostic Study Request

  • led by Vincent Van Pelt

Questions for ITI

  • Orders and referrals: order numbers, referral numbers, unique ID, identifying number. (order filler/ order placer numbers)
  • Discussion from Order and Referral matching - EHDI - Open issue #1 1/23/2013 Binding to WorkflowDocument in and XDW profile, e.g. IBER XDSR? Where there is an Order Number known at the initiation of Workflow, where is the binding of that number into a WorkflowDocuent (task) specified.
  • process for handling CPs (how does ITI handles CPs so we could be more efficient)
    • We want to be able to handle CPs without changing documents......
  • concept domain governance discussion - this time or schedule for next meeting?
  • Can we change XDW to have schedules etc? (Vincent's question)