PCCTech Minutes 2012 07 19

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Attendees: Laura Heermann Langford, Anne Diamond, Claudio Saccavini, Mauro Zanardini, Vincent van Pelt, Tone Southerland, Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Laura Bright, Thom Kuhn, Lori Reed-Fourquet, Amit, Lisa Nelson, Steve Moore, Michelle Williams,

Call in Attendees: Valentina Ferrarini, Anna Orlova,


  • Review of changes made to document during the week. A few outstanding items remain for editing. Expect to have those done by early next week. Agree to have the document completed and posted to new ftp site by next Friday July 27, 2012.


  • Review of changes made to document during the week, especially after meeting last night meetings. Also reviewed final outstanding comments and provided input on correcting english grammer. Discussion regarding more clarification of the clinical perspective of the statuses and the technical definitions of statuses in Volume 1. Decision to see if the work can be done during the next week and it not able to complete it to proceed with publication for trial implementation and work towards improving that area of the template with next cycle.
  • Team agrees to have the document completed and posted to new ftp site by next Friday, July 27, 2012.

Joint with QRPH

  • Review of change proposal
  • Decided we needed to split the proposal into at least two change proposals. The first to be of the simple clean up and reorganization issues. The second to include all proposed additions. It is likely there are more consequences to the additions and need more review and study.
  • Discussion re: value sets being coupled or de-coupled. Having SHALL value sets may limit the uptake of the profiles. In this case requiring LOINC codes can be a limiting factor. Proposal to change SHALL to MAY. This is a larger discussion that could affect all profiles. Decision today is to leave the SHALL in place here, add other items as needed to pass connectathon (through a change proposal). PCC Tech will keep the discussion of changing the SHALLS to SHOULDS or MAY.
  • Do not need to call out payers specifically. They are included in the Medical Summary Parent Document. For the US there will need to be a national extension (Volume 4) to call out the requirement (R or R2) for the payer section. A section that is not as needed in other countries.
  • CP - for LDS clean up, CP to add patient transfer entry to coded event outcome which is referenced in LDS document specification, CP for Antenatal testing codes to be added.

Nursing Workflow Paper

  • Reviewed changes made to date.
  • Continue to expand on the international pieces as commented on in document.
  • Upon completion - Send back out to PCC to read/review, Send back to Jim St. Clair, Joyce Sensmeier and Mary Jungers for review (allow 1 week).
  • Once reviewed and comments recieved from above list. Hold PCC voting call prior to release/publish. Would like to use the TI Publication call next Thursday to review. Need to get it out for review to commenters by end of today.

Tumor Board

  • Reviewed document
  • Vincent will send final changes to Laura and Laura ASAP
  • The co-chairs will send to Mary with an explanation of desired schedule to meet a Nov 1 release in time for the European Connectathon (EC) Registration period and profile selection.
  • Current plan - get profile to Mary ASAP. Open for public comment ASAP. Review by t-con public comments received Oct 12 and 16th. Release for TI in EC Nov 1.


  • Call for approving the QRPH Change Proposal and other Change Proposals AND approve Profiles for Trial Implementation- Thursday July 26th at 0900 CDT.
  • Nursing SubCommittee meetings: Tuesdays at 11 am Central. Agenda: Find and review the Care Management Brief Proposal from 2008ish. Review what profiles address that proposal that have been done since then. Determine what Profiles are still needed. Determine if and which of these outstanding profiles fit the nursing community. If doing the broader Care Management topic, then be sure to clearly explain/diagram the scope in a "IS systems" view.
  • Tumor Board calls to review Public Comment October 12 1100-1300 and October 16th 1000-1200.


  • Change Proposals ready to ballot
  • 0078, 0092, 0096, 0112, 0113, 0114, 0115, 0118, 0119, 0120
  • motion made to approve and seconded these changes as approved on Monday.
  • Unanimously approved.

PCC Tech Committee Face to Face Meetings for July 2012 adjourned at 1340.