PCCTech Minutes 2009 05 27

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We reviewed these CPs as planned:

  • CP-PCC-0049 APR Pregnancy Observation
  • CP-PCC-0050 APR Rework Physical Exam
  • CP-PCC-0052 APR verbiage for header elements
  • CP-PCC-0053 APR add new Payers section
  • CP-PCC-0054 APR include intended facility for delivery, planned pediatrician

  • Updated CP documents have been uploaded to the ftp site and the CP page was also updated with new statuses and assignees: PCC_Change_Proposals
  • Public Comment versions of supplements should be available sometime next week - at that point you can begin with changes to your supplement
  • We (PCC) will be formalizing our CP Process. As we do so the PCC CP page will be updated to reflect the steps involved in the new process.


  • Tone Southerland
  • Jean Millar
  • Bryan Oshiro
  • Mike McCoy
  • Mike Jolley
  • Steve Moore