PCCPlan Minutes 2016 10 18

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Planning Kickoff (Day 1)


  • Anne Diamond (ACOG)
  • Laura Heerman (Inter-Mountain)
  • Chris Melo (Philips)
  • Andrea Fourquet (eHealthSign)
  • Gila Pike (Cognizant)
  • Harry Rhodes (AHIMA)
  • Thom Kuhn (ACP)
  • Denise Downing (AORN)
  • Amit Popat (Epic)
  • Emma Jones (Allscripts)
  • Tedford Johnson (Allscripts)
  • Elena Vio (Arsenal.IT)
  • Ben Levy (CorePoint)
  • Tone Sutherland (Ready)
  • Charles Parisot (GE)
  • Brett Andriesen (ONC)
  • Vassil Peytchev (Epic)
  • Rob (Cerner)

Care Team Management

Emma Jones / Ted Johnson - Allscripts
Is the problem that of attribution or workflow? How is this related to the XDW cardiology workflow profile? Is the fundamental issue that we don't know if this patient has a cardiologist? What are the types of Care Team? (ONC is interested in knowing) What type of care team provider owns what problems on the patient? - Sounds like this is a yes from others - though Emma isn't sure - Group agrees that this should be explored Canadian Use case from Gila (need details) If the PCP changes (from referrals through referrals), how does everyone know of this change? Emma will send slides to Laura and Amit

Patient Registration Content Profile

Gila / AHIMA
Patient Registration workflow and content are not standardized 17 scenarios for patient registration (across 3 types of settings) This is a content profile (for now) Financial information seems to be the focus from AHIMA Consensus: Want to define a list of data elements at least for registration purposes Might be using PDQ Sounds like fairly US centric, but would have some more general

Implantable Medical Device Registration Workflow Definition

Denise (AORN)
Devices are either "smart" (like a cardiac or pacemaker) or simply physical (like a screw or plate) Sometimes, these devices are very expensive

Discharge for EMS Transport Andrea (eHealthSign)
Consensus: This is a new CDA profile (minimal) between EHR and EMS Technical committee will need to tease out the depth of this and decide the fate of ETS and ITS We need to invite EMS vendors to the table

Patient Centric Data Element Location and Access Service

Charles (GE)
Expect FHIR based profiles to be implemented and deployed in around 2020 We're hearing - ITI should own this PCC might be consulting (due to similarities to RECON) We need to understand the RECON transactions first

Referral Management 360X (Closed Loop Referral)

Brett Andriesen (ONC)
Will focus on CCDA 2.1 Presented as a US extension (not a general profile) This is a content profile US extension Vassil and Brett need to investigate ROL more They don't want to require an XDS infrastructure