Move Profiles to Public Comment: Voting Meeting - May 5, 2017

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Voting Meeting - may 5, 2017

  • Attendees: Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Jeremiah Myers, Anna Orlova, Brett Andriesen, Brian Reinhold, Celina Rothe, Diana Warner, Fabio Buti, Thompson Kuhn, Vassil Peytchev, Rob Rose, Amit Popat
  • Agenda
    • Discussion: FHIR Profiling - what do do with the flags? PCMD is constraining cardinality and dealing with the must support flag. Denise will update the original table and keep the must support. Need to check the lower bound of the cardinality (check if lower bound is 0). Brian will ask on Zulip how forge support the flags.

Vote to move the following profiles to public comment:

    • RPM (Brian Reinhold Presenting final edits)
      • Move: Denise Downing; Second: Amit Popat; Any Further Discussions: Approved under condition that all final edits are done prior to submitting for publication; Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 8
    • QEDm (Fabio Buti) - updated version on FTP site
      • Move: Brian Reinhold; Second: Denise Downing; Any Further Discussions: None; Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 8
    • PCMD (Denise Downing)
      • Move: Thom Kuhn; Second: Brian Reinhold; Any Further Discussions: Pending final edits to the FHIR resource table; Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 8
    • PR (Anna Orlova) -
      • Move: Thom; Second: Denise; Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 8
        • Further Discussions: PCC and ITI discussion yesterday to publish as a PCC white paper. National extension with ITI in a new work cycle - AHIMA will submit the formal proposal in Sept 2017. Vote is for publication as a PCC white paper. AHIMA can transition the content to the white paper template and get it to Mary by next Wednesday. Denise will confirm timing with Mary.
    • 360x (Vassill)
      • Move: Vassill; Second: Thom; Any Further Discussions: Will update the figures today and email ; Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 8
  • Per PCC process, updated profiles are to get uploaded to the publication folder. Please send an email Mary Jungers and PCC Tech when the documents are uploaded.