Minutes QRPH Tcon May 29, 2008

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QRPH Tcon May 29, 2008

  • Floyd Eisenberg (Siemens)
  • Jason Colquitt (Greenway Medical Systems)
  • Patty Craig (The Joint Commission)
  • Ana Estelrich (GMP-DIP)
  • Julian Flaks (Outcome Sciences)
  • Judy Logan (OHSU, HL7)
  • Anna Orlova (PHDSC)
  • Jan Orton (IHC)
  • Daemon Whittenburg (Greenway Medical Systems)
  • Final Review Clinical_Research_Data_Capture
    • Minor modifications accomplished - see latest version of profile at the link above.
    • Profile approved for submission for public comment.
  • Review of quality measure value set white paper. Updates made to document during the call:Quality Measure Value Set White Paper
  • Updates to various sections and review by team members through June 2 (Monday) AM for final approval via email to submit for public comment end of business day June 2.