MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2014-10-01

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  • Attendees
    • John Donnelly
    • Nancy Ramirez
    • Molly McNally
    • Jamie Kontos
    • Chris Carr
    • Joan McMillen
    • Nichole Drye-Mayo

  • October News Blast Items:
    • Supplement Tracker
    • North America Connectathon
      • Conference
    • IHE Europe
      • Location/Date Announcement
    • Call for Participants (Future topic)
    • Edit Website to reflect committee options w/signup
    • Webinar Series Recordings

  • Marketing plan and annual development cycle
    • Create form requesting information on future events and resources needed to support
    • Listserves
      • Prioritize listserves (over 30 Google Groups)
      • Identify the ones that have most new registrants and upload to IHE Newsletter listserve
    • Develop guidelines for promoting news thru social media
      • Develop list of regular IHE News events to report
      • Who and how?

  • Action Items
    • Make sure FB and Twitter are active and connected properly to the Mail Chimp account so newsletters are being sent thru these channels
    • List of categories of news items; guidelines of things we should be putting on social media
    • Survey of marketing and resources; add questions about social media usage
    • Revise this page to reflect how to volunteer
      • Push this out in December '14
    • Invite IHE USA to report on Connectathon recruitment

  • Next call: Nov. 5 @ 9:00am central
    • Send reminder to group
    • Social Media Discussion

Marketing and Communications Committee