MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2013-05-01

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  • Lapo Bertini
  • Chris Carr
  • John Donnelly
  • La Shawn Edwards
  • Thom Kuhn
  • Joan McMillen
  • Shelley Melanson
  • Celina Roth
  • Tracey Stepuszek


  • Committee Recruitment
  • HIMSS staff developing survey for current committee members to assess value and benefits of committee participation and what skill set is required for each committee
  • Goal to develop value proposition for potential members
  • Future goal to develop better on-boarding process and materials
  • Action Item: HIMSS to develop final draft of survey for review
  • May eblast items - materials due by Friday, 5/10
  • Connectathon Monitor Recruitment (Chris, Celina)
  • Interoperability for Dummies: IHE Edition; announcement pending date of publication (Chris, Celina)
  • World Summit press release (from John Brosky)
  • IHE E Connectathon press release (from John Brosky)
  • Healtheway/EHR|HIE Interoperability Work Group (John Donnelly)
  • Review MarComm tasks from IHE Intl Strategic Plan
  • Primary Initiatives : 2. Develop a marketing and communications plan that will increase awareness of IHE International to targeted markets
  • Goal 1 : Expand education, awareness, and best practices among: Educational institutions. HIT awareness organizations, Regional health systems, Local subject matter experts, Local IT events
  • Identify existing educational programs that could qualify for endorsement or recognition (eg, use of logo) by IHE
  • Goal 3 : The IHE brand will be well known and accepted as the #1 approach for achieving interoperability.
  • 3.1 IHE will offer a collaborative branding strategy that can be adapted and implemented by deployment committees.
  • 3.2 IHE will develop an overall international marketing and communications plan with tailored approaches to countries’ needs and addressing audiences, media and messaging.
  • 3.3 IHE will urge and support use of a common marketing platform by all constituent groups.
  • 3.4 IHE will demonstrate the value of interoperability that is data driven and results oriented.
  • redesign launch status
  • World Summit/IHE Europe Connectathon Update
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 5, 9-10am

Marketing and Communications Committee