MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2011-11-02

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  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • LaShawn Edwards - RSNA
  • Shelley Melanson - Pegasus Productions
  • Celina Roth - HIMSS
  • Erin Sparnon - ECRI Inst/PCD
  • Jim St. Clair - HIMSS


  • Domain marketing activities
  • Provides basic format for domains to develop press releases
  • Strategy for domain press releases
  • Press releases should emphasize user-level understanding of committee work output (profiles)
  • Emphasis on deployment of profiles is an important topic to emphasize in domain press releases
  • ONC has put emphasis on lightweight implementations: ITI and PCD are developing profiles that are by design simpler and more modular: clinical devices and wireless devices
  • ONC needs: IHE needs to request from ONC what their goals are and match up IHE profiles to their needs
  • PCD has a matrix that matches clinical needs with PCD profiles
  • ITI has Webinar on support for Meaningful Use requirements in IHE profiles; boil down to simple table?
  • Continua Health Alliance Website as a good model for releasing information
  • Web page published. Need to send email blast.
  • Updates of new content
  • Added new items for November and December releases
  • Method for submitting content
  • Committee members can add new items they wish to promote; each item needs to have a brief explanatory paragraph and a link to a published press release--or a completed release for publication on
  • HIMSS planning to conduct survey of HIEs about IHE profiles; planning to release by end of 2011
  • Identify which profiles they are and aren't using
  • Obstacles to implementation
  • Working from information on HIEs from National eHealth Collaborative
  • Use XDS map as basis for gathering and publishing deployment information
  • Action Item: Jim St. Clair, Chris Carr and Keith Boone to gather information to supplement map
  • Email Newsblast System
  • Chris Carr briefly demonstrated a system called Mail Chimp that IHE has licensed to send email newsletter. It provides templates, list management tools and detailed usage reports
  • Rebranding of IHE
  • Plan forthcoming from Chris Carr/RSNA Marketing
  • Website update
  • Next Tcon: Weds, Dec. 7, 9-10am CT

Marketing and Communications Committee