MarComm Cmte Teleconference Agenda 2016-06-16

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  • Committee governance and participation

  • Goals and deliverables for 2017
  • Budgeting to support goals

  • Strategic Communications Task Force
  • Draft press release has been reviewed by Strat Comm WG and IHE Board Co-chairs. Awaiting comments from HL7 leadership. Goal to publish press release prior to World Summit.

  • June Newsletter
  • Topics:
  • IHE-E Connectathon wrap-up
  • World Summit Recap
  • Webinar Series
  • HL7-IHE Agreement renewed

  • IHE Culture Overview Document - 2020 Vision in Health
  • Charles is developing for review
  • MarComm to review in July for approval by Board in July, publication in August

  • IHE activities and user success stories
  • California HIE implementation of HPD
  • Peoria (Steve Kastelein) - implementation of cardiology profiles
  • Success Stories developed by IHE USA: one developed and several submitted requiring further development; list of 6 applicants that can be communicated
  • Mine Deployment Committee Reports and Domain Committee Reports to develop spreadsheet of projects
  • Action: Review reports and pull out into spreadsheet for July committee MarComm

  • Membership: 2020 Vision Campaign Wrap-up
  • Next step: Thank renewed members, point to membership page
  • Targeted message to contacts from previous members: past interest; number of peers who have renewed; why have they not renewed?
  • Membership page with logos: direct thank you to renewed members
  • Outreach to National Deployment Committees forthcoming
  • Draft Message content:

  • World Summit
  • Post-Summit Marketing

  • Interoperability Proving Ground
    • The Interoperability Proving Ground (IPG) is an open, community platform where you can share, learn, and be inspired by interoperability projects taking place across the nation.
      • Identify IHE interoperability projects.

Marketing and Communications Committee