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Change Proposal MS-PCC-CP-0018

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Tracking Information

Patient Care Coordination
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11:51, 3 March 2008 (CST)

Change Proposal Summary

Entries for Unknown or No Known Medications, Problems and Allergies
Submission Date
11:51, 3 March 2008 (CST)
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When no information is present, or is otherwise unknown, there is no present way to represent this in medication, problem and allergy entries in the current technical framework.


Add the following text to "Distinctions of None" under the Medical Documents Specification.

An appropriate machine readable entry must also be present to indicate the reason that no information is present.

The table below provides some thoughts in this direction.

Entry Type Code Display Name Description
Problem 396782006 Past Medical History Unknown To indicate unknown medical history
Problem 407559004 Family History Unknown To indicate that the patient's family history is not known.
Problem 160243008 No Significant Medical History To indicate no relevant medical history
Problem 160245001 No current problems or disability To indicate that the patient has no current problems (as distinct from no history).
Allergy 409137002 No Known Drug Allergies To indicate that there are no known Drug allergies for this patient.
Allergy 160244002 No Known Allergies To indicate that there are no known allergies for this patient.
Allergy 64970000 Substance Type Unknown To indicate the state where there is a known allergy or intollerance to an unknown substance
Medication 182904002 Drug Treatment Unknown To indicate lack of knowledge about drug therapy
Medication 182849000 No Drug Therapy Prescribed To indicate the absense of any prescribed medications
Medication 408350003 Patient Not On Self-Medications To indicate no treatment

Add appropriate references to the Active Problems, Resolved Problems, Allergies and Other Adverse Reactions, and Medications sections.

Open Issues

  1. How should unknown allergies be represented, vs. allergy to unknown substance? These should be perfectly clear and distinct entries.
  2. Should examples for "unknown" or "no known" and/or "none" be provided under the appropriate level 3 entry using the same template identifier? Should these be a separate template or templates? In that case, how should the cardinality of the entries should be changed? I would suggest in this case to use Conditional (either 1-N of standard entry, or 1 from unknown/none entry), so that we can ensure that a machine readable entry is present providing the same information as in the text.
  3. What other text changes are necessary?
  4. Some suggested language from ACP (Barr):

On allergies, the difference between "No Known Allergies" and "Allergies Unknown" is that the former implies that the question was asked an the response was "none"; the latter implies that the question was not asked (or not documented that it was asked) and should be a prompt to the clinician to ask and appropriately modify that field. When the question hasn't been asked, perhaps "Allergy Status Unknown" would be even better than Allergies Unknown - which could imply that there are allergies but we don't know what they are."Substance Type Unknown" is confusing - could be "Allergy to Unknown Substance" which is a bit clearer - implies a documented allergy to a yet-to-be identified substance.

For medication, "Drug Treatment Unknown" is also confusing. It could imply that the patient is on medication but the type is unknown, or, what I think it is implying, is that the medication status is unknown. If that is the case, perhaps the display should read, "Medication Status Unknown". Likewise, "No Medication Prescribed" might follow. For the "Patient Not on Self-Medication" - I presume this is in reference to over-the-counter medications. If that is the case, perhaps a clear distinction needs to be made. I suggest the following:

1. Prescribed Medication Status Unknown 2. No Prescribed Medications 3. Non-Prescription Medication Status Unknown 4. No Non-Prescription Medication

See also: MS-PCC-CP-0017

  1. Needs to be harmonized with HL7 Patient Care
  2. Needs to be different template, (e.g., no frequency and route for a negative)


Assigned to Keith and Larry to come up with proposed text.