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MESA/Time Client

Test Cases: CT

This section describes test cases that are generally associated with the Consistent Time Integration Profile. There may be some overlap with other profiles.

Test Case 10900: CT Time Synchronization Description

Time Client applications are expected to synchronize with a Time Server and to use that synchronized time in their messaging. This test requires the user to describe that synchronization.


To run this test, follow these steps:

1. There is no software required to run this test.

2. Create a text file named <system>_10900.txt where <system> is the name of your system as found in the registration tools. That is, this should name your company and the system under test. Create a text file and not a Word document or other structured document.

3. Describe in 500 words or less how your applications use the time that is obtained from the time server.

4. In the description, include the operating system used and the low level OS call to get the proper time.


1. Upload this test file into Gazelle as results for test 10900.

Test Case 10911: CT Time Synchronization NTP

Time synchronization requires an external system that serves as an NTP server.


To run this test, follow these steps:

1. Read about NTP here:

2. Select/locate a public NTP server. Follow any rules of etiquette posted for that server.

3. Configure your system to synchronize time with that public NTP server.

4. Use a web browser to find a web server that will display the current time. In the US, you can use . In other regions, if you cannot find a local server, use the US server and augment your results with the proper time difference.

5. Execute a “clock” program on your host system that shows the time on your system.

a. On a Windows system, this can be done by selecting the “time” in the lower right tray.

b. On a Unix system: xclock –digital –update 1

6. Perform a screen capture that shows both the web browser display and your system clock. These should show the same time (save for a time shift if not in the US).


1. Name the screen capture <system>_10911.<ext> where

system is the name of your system as found in the registration tools

ext is the proper file extension (JPG, etc.)

2. Upload this screen capture into Gazelle as the test results file for test 10911.