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Secure Application/Secure Node AuditingTest

Secure Node / Secure Application Tests

11107: ATNA -- Syslog Message Browser test

This is a test of transaction ITI-20 Record Audit Event.

As a Secure Node or Secure Application, you will generate audit messages in association with various IHE transactions and potential with other system activities (eg system start/stop). In the previous test 11106 (ATNA Questionnaire) you identified which audit messages your test system will need to generate.

In this test, you will send audit messages to a web-based application on the internet -- the Syslog Collector -- acting as an Audit Record Repository. After sending your audit messages, you then validate them using the Syslog Message Browser


1. First, to learn about and access the 'Syslog Collector' and 'Syslog Message Browser' tools, find their location and documentation on the Index to IHE test tools

2. Test your audit messages by sending them to the Syslog Collector.

3. Then use the Syslog Message Browser to validate your message. Create a screen capture of the Syslog Message Browser showing that your audit message(s) passed validation. Upload the screen capture into gazelle as the results for this test. (A sample follows; note that this shows one error.)

Sample screen capture from Syslog Msg Browser

4. We do not expect you to upload screen captures for each of your audit messages. One or two is sufficient for this test. 'HOWEVER', at the connectathon, we will take a look at your questionnaire and ask you to generate an audit message associated with a selected transaction or system function. Again, we will not verify each audit message you could possibly send.

Take this opportunity to test your all of your audit messages against the tool, even if we're not asking you to submit results for all.


We will examine your results for evidence that you have successfully tested your audit message(s) with the Syslog Message Browser.