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The test definitions on this page are RETIRED, but are kept here, for now, as an archive.

MESA/Notification Receiver

Notification Receiver

Test Cases NAV

This section describes test cases that are generally associated with the NAV Integration Profile. There may be some overlap with other profiles.

Test 12920: NAV Receiver Example

The purpose of this test is to examine if the Notification Receiver is able to render the NAV notification XML message. The Project Manager will visually inspect the message as displayed by receiver application.



1. Use the sample NAV notification xml message at $MESA_TARGET/mesa_tests/iti/nav/nav2005/nav2005-1.xml to email that notification to a local account.

2. Use your application to open the notification message and the take a screen cature.

3. Copy the screen capture to a file called SYSTEM_12920.txt where SYSYTEM identifies the system under test.

4. Submit the file to the Project Manager for visual inspection. There is no auto


Supplemental Information