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The test definitions on this page are RETIRED, but are kept here, for now, as an archive.

Enterprise Report Repository

Enterprise Report Repository Tests

Test 20512: DRPT: Describe Enterprise Report Repository Methods

Do not divulge any proprietary information. Create a Word document with the following naming convention: CompanyName_Product_20512_ERR.doc and and submit it in Gazelle as the result file for this test.



In 500 words or less for each, describe the following:

1. Does your Enterprise Report Repository support the Encapsulated Reports Option, the By-Reference Reports Option, or both options.

2. Describe how your Enterprise Repository makes its reports received via CARD-7 or CARD-8 available to other sytems in the enterprise.

Test 20525: DRPT: Example Reports

In this test, Enterprise Report Repositories will examine the sample encapsulated PDF provided by other participants. The goal of the test is to make sure the ERR actors are not surprised by content when they arrive at a Connectathon.



  1. Find reports uploaded by other vendors for test 20525 in gazelle under Connectathon/List of Samples. This page will evolve as vendors add samples, so be patient.
  2. Retrieve the files created by the other vendors. Examine/import/render them so that you are confident your software understands the content.
  1. If you find issues with the samples, send an email to the Connectathon Manager now to wake him or her up. You can also contact the sample provider directly to resolve issues.
  2. The goal is no surprises.


The evaluation of this test is performed by examining the spreadsheet you provided to make sure you made a good faith effort to review the sample reports.

Supplemental Information