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Test Cases: DEN - Document Encryption profile

This section describes test cases associated with the DEN (Document Ecryption) Profile.

Test Case 15900: DEN - Access Resource Material and Profile Authors' Examples

The authors of the Document Encryption profile have compiled a resource page to assist implementers of DEN. This 'test' is intended to ensure that you find this page. See:


There is no test or script to run. Access the resource page linked above. We hope you find this helpful. Perhaps you have something to add to this page to help other DEN developers.

Near the bottom of the page, you will find 6 example encrypted files. Try testing with each.

Create a small text file. Include in the file today's date and a note indicating that you found and read the page.

In the text file, also list the 6 files, and indicate if you were able to test with them, eg:

  1. doc.digested.encrypted_cert - OK
  2. doc.digested.encrypted_pass - OK
  3. doc.digested.encrypted_symm - OK
  4. doc.signed.encrypted_cert - OK
  5. doc.signed.encrypted_pass - OK
  6. doc.signed.encrypted_symm - OK

Upload the text file into gazelle as results for this test.

Test Case 15905: DEN - Sample Encrypted Documents

In test 15905, you access one or more sample encrypted document that DEN Content Creators have uploaded into gazelle; The purpose of this test is to allow Content Consumers to read/test/render the documents in advance of face-to-face testing.


1. Access gazelle under menu Connectathon -> List of samples on the Samples to render tab for DEN test 15905.

2. Access all available samples. DEN Content Creators are asked to submit samples 2 weeks in advance of the normal pre-Connectathon test deadline, so you may need to be patient.

3. Create a short txt file making a list of all available samples, using the system name and indicate whether or not you were able to successfully decrpyt/process that sample. eg.
EHR_XYZMedical - OK
CONTENT_CREATOR_ABCompany - No sample submitted etc

4. Upload that txt file into gazelle as results for this test.


The project manager will verify that you have tested with available samples and will share any feedback you provide with the Content Creators.

Test Cases: BPPC - Basic Patient Privacy Consents Profile

This section describes test cases associated with the BPPC Profile.

Test Case 16405: BPPC Privacy Policy for Connectathon testing

This is not a real test. We want all actors involved in BPPC testing to read the "BPPC Privacy Policy Definition for Connectathon Testing". This contains the policy for XDS Affinity Domains at the connectathon, including 2 BPPC-related items, and defines conditions for BPPC testing at the Connectathon.

Prior to arriving at the Connectathon, read the privacy policy at:


There is no log to upload for this "test".

Test Cases: Content actors in PCC, QRPH, CARD, ITI & EYECARE

This section describes test cases that are generally associated with several different CDA-based profiles.

40180-01, -02, ...: Sample Documents: CDA

This test definition has moved. See:

Tests 40180-01, 40180-02, 40180-xx are a series of tests where the Content Consumer is asked to "process/render" a set of test documents that are supplied by other test participants. In some profiles (eg QRPH CRD & DSC, sample 'prepop' documents are created by Form Filler actors).

The 40180 is the general category for exchanging document samples. The -01, -02, ... suffix designates the document type. There is a table below the lists the document types.

You need to use your imagination for this test. For Content Consumer actors, "Process/render" means to apply one or more of the options that are listed below:

  • View
  • Document Import
  • Section Import
  • Discrete Data Import

For Form Manager actors "Process/render" means to take the prepop data and make it part of the form.

You will perform one or more of those actions on the sample documents and then provide evidence that you have performed this action. That evidence will be some screen capture or database dump from your system.


  1. Find samples uploaded by other vendors for test 40180-xx in gazelle under Connectathon -> List of samples on the "Samples available for rendering tab". When a Content Creator (or Form FIller) has uploaded a sample, you will see a small triangle in front of their system name as shown in this screenshot: Media:sampleExample.jpg.

This page will evolve as vendors add samples, so be patient. The deadline for Creators to submit samples is typically two weeks prior to the pre-connectathon test deadline. Managers of each event publishes the deadline.

  1. Retrieve the documents created by the other vendors. Examine/import/render them so that you are confident your software understands the content.
  2. Complete this Media:Cross_Participant_Sample_Evaluation_Form.xls for the specific document type and samples provided by other participants. Use the color key in the spreadsheet to indicate your experience with processing the samples. We have included examples in the spreadsheet.
  3. When you are finished, upload the spreadsheet as the results for this test.
  4. If you find any documents that are problematic, contact the Project Manager as soon as possible so we can work with the source of the data.
  5. The goal is no surprises.


  1. Download and complete the form for the specific document type.
  2. Upload completed form into gazelle under the proper test number as results for this test. Please use a separate form for each test number.
  3. Email comments immediately to the Project Manager if there are issues with any of the supplied samples.

Administrative Notes

These are the test numbers that correspond to document types:

Test Number PCC Document Comments
40180-01 XDS-MS Referral Document NA
40180-02 XDS-MS Discharge Summary NA
40180-03 ED Referral NA
40180-04 XPHR Extract NA
40180-05 XPHR Update NA
40180-06 Antepartum History and Physical NA
40180-07 Antepartum Summary NA
40180-08 Antepartum Laboratory NA
40180-09 Antepartum Education NA
40180-10 Triage Note NA
40180-11 ED Nursing Note NA
40180-12 Composite Triage and ED Nursing Note NA
40180-13 ED Physician Note NA
40180-14 Immunization Content NA
40180-15 LAB - XD-Lab Sharing Lab Report NA
40180-16 ITI - Basic Patient Privacy Consent (not CDA, but BPPC) NA
40180-16a ITI - Advanced Patient Privacy Consent (not CDA, but APPC) NA
40180-17 ITI - XDS-SD Scanned Document NA
40180-18 Labor/Delivery Admission History and Physical NA
40180-19 Labor/Delivery Summary NA
40180-20 Maternal Discharge Summary NA
40180-21 EMS Transfer of Care (ETC) NA
40180-22 Patient Plan of Care NA
40180-26 eNursing Summary NA
40180-27 Newborn Discharge Summary NA
40180-28 Postpartum Visit Summary NA
40180-29 EMS Transport Summary NA
40180-30 Interfacility Transport Summary (ITS) NA
40180-31 RECON NA
40180-32 Patient Care Plan (PtCP) NA
40180-100 QRPH - CRD: Clinical Research Document NA
40180-101 QRPH - DSC: Drug Safety Content NA
40180-106 QRPH - PRPH-Ca NA
40180-108 QRPH - BFDR-E - Birth and Fetal Death Reporting - Enhanced NA
40180-109 QRPH - EDHI - HPoC: UV Realm: Hearing Plan of Care UV Realm NA
40180-110 QRPH - EDHI - HPoC: US Realm: Hearing Plan of Care US Realm NA
40180-111 QRPH - HW: Healthy Weight NA
40180-113 QRPH - QME-EH: Quality Measure Execution - Early Hearing NA
40180-114 QRPH - VRDR: Vital Records Death Reporting NA
40180-200 CARD - CIRC: Cardiology Imaging Report Content NA
40180-201 CARD - CRC: Cath Report Content NA
40180-203 CARD - EPRC-I/E: Electrophysiology Report Content - Implant/Explant NA
40180-202 CARD - RCS-C: Registry Content Submission - Cardiology NA
40180-204 CARD - RCS-EP: Registry Content Submission - Electrophysiology NA
40180-300 EYECARE - GEE: General Eye Evaluation Content NA
40180-301 EYECARE - EC-Summary: Eye Care Summary Record NA