Labor and Delivery History and Physical Profile

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The Labor and Delivery History and Physical Profile (LDHP) is a content profile that contains documents related to the pregancy history and physical examination. This may be the exact same history and physical examination that was performed in the physician office (APHP), or may be a newly performed examination upon admission to Labor and Delivery in absence of prior H&Ps being available. The content and actors remain the same for LDHP as for APHP.

Content Modules

Content modules describe the content of a payload found in an IHE transaction. Content profiles are transaction neutral. They do not have dependencies upon the transaction that they appear in.


The Labor and Delivery History and Physical contains the History and Physical Examination details performed on intake of the pregnant women into the hospital / birthing facility setting.

Data from the patient's prenatal care aggregates from her electronic antepartum history and physical examination(s) by the obstetric provider, if present, into the Labor and Delivery History and Physical.


Specifies the content to be extracted from an EMR system used in an obstetrician’s office, how it is to be codified and organized for packing in an electronic “envelop” Specifies the meta-data to be used for identifying the H&P document in the XDS Registry

Systems Affected

EMR Systems in Obstetrician’s Offices Hospital Information System modules used in the Labor & Delivery suite


Content Creator Content Consumer There are two actors in the LDH Profile: the Content Creator and the Content Consumer. The sharing or transmission of content from one actor to the other is addressed by the appropriate use of IHE profiles described in the section on Content Bindings with XDS, XDM and XDR and is out of scope of this profile. A Document Source or a Portable Media Creator may embody the LDHP Content Creator Actor. A Document Consumer, a Document Recipient or a Portable Media Importer may embody the APHP Content Consumer Actor.