Lab Conf Minutes 13January2014

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Name Organization
Francois Macary (Technical Co-chair) ASIP Santé
Riki Merrick (Planning Co-Chair) Vernetzt, LLC
Carolyn Knapik (Secretary) CAP
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Laurent Lardin bioMérieux
Allesandro Sulis CRS4
Dmytro Rud Roche
Jim Harrison University of Virginia
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
Daniel Moncusi Systelab Technologies
John Hopson Abbott


Agenda Review

Finalize LAW CPs, so we can send out the ballot - first priority

  • Last CP to be finalized was CP 233 (21 options described)
  • Suggestion from Laurent to include Mass Spectrometry option with proper OBX-4 datatype – so CP-233 needs to be updated – Laurent to do W.1.3.12 table and table W.3.6-1 – explain how to use OBX-4
  • Change on page 4 regarding the query options – change name for LAW_Query_ISOL
  • Remove the footnote #3 to table on page 5
  • Page 12: Should have the section numbering be consistent when integrating into the document – so 8b has no other impact, than to not have to update all other references to sections
  • Once this proposal is finalized, we can then send off the ballot
  • Reviewing the spreadsheet – need to add the CP Laurent sent regarding use of OBX-4 / Micro updates: add number 239 and add to the wiki and FTP site – Riki to do
  • Once the final changes have been made, need to send updated spreadsheet to Carolyn and let her know we are ready to send the email
  • Can add acknowledgement Riki needs and acknowledge IICC and ASIP Sante in parallel with the ballot – no CP needed, so draft the page

Other TF related CPs

  • Riki to collect more before the next call

Update on IHE-HL7 WG formation

  • Formal formation consideration

Update on LCC - need to verify publication date - Mary Jungers was wondering if it could be moved 1 month forward, to have it be out of the comment period in time for JAN connectathon registration – still in HL7 modification step of the progress – intent was to have the CPs written in February – they will now have to go into v2.10 – hard to predict, that we can make the actual dates, but we can shorten the comment period for IHE in case we do make the deadline. Will have to push the publication into Fall, so that may delay the connectathon presentation also, but not an issue.

ACTION: Riki to let Mary Junger know and update the publication calendar.

Technical difficulties prevent screen sharing

Update on LDA project (John Hopson)

  • Phase I - Point-in-Space Sample Presentation
    • Propose an LDA supplement
      • Separate from LAW content
      • Assuming analytical content will be removed as part of LAW completion
    • Content
      • Use Cases
      • Systems Interconnection
      • Actors
      • Transactions
      • Likely to leverage HL7 Ch 13 messages
      • Integration Profile Options
      • Process Flows
    • Phase II - Assay Availability
      • Phase II proposed at F2F - "Rework SWOS Messaging" - Propose leaving out

On further reflection, SWOS implementations exist. Implementers might not want to rethink existing work. – so this would not be Phase II

      • So Phase III from F2F would be Phase II = Assay Availability steps are TBD
        • Does this include buffer availability
        • Does this include analyzer resources availability as that also will affect the workflow availability – broaden the name
    • Initiate Project
      • Create LDA Wiki
        • Add LDA Scope and Phases below
      • Coordinate mechanics of group with Carolyn
        • Who/how to contact IHE-AP?
        • Processes for IDE-LAB
        • Guidance on using IHE-LAB Google Group
      • Joint project with IHE-LAB and IHE-AP
        • Contact IHE-AP
          • Best way to collaborate?
          • What are processes for IHE-AP?
        • What does this mean?
        • What are next steps?
          • Who to contact on IHE-AP?
          • May be less pertinent for phase I work
          • Go between for Lab to AP can be CAP, coordinating between the secretaries Carolyn (Lab) to Mary (AP) to AP Committee members – invite them to join the Lab work and announce progress
    • Contact interested parties
      • IHE-LAB Interest
      • Inpeco
      • Roche
      • Beckman Coulter
      • Leica
      • Cerner Robotics
      • Also contact IHE-Japan to get Japanese manufacturers (Yoshimi)

Be sure all are registered in Google Groups – folks are having issues with companies blocking use of google groups

    • Arrange meetings
      • Setup adjacent to existing call, if possible
      • Get agreement on LDA scope & phases
    • Next F2F
      • Review Point-in-Space Lab TF-1 Volume 1 Content
        • Use Cases
        • Systems Interconnection
        • Actors/Transactions (Identified, not detailed)
        • Integration Profile Options
        • Process Flows
      • Plan Creation of Point-in-Space Lab TF-1 Volume 2 Content
        • Transactions (Detailed)

F2F meeting agenda planning (just gather topics)

  • LAW publication
  • Review LDA proposed content (see above) - #1 focus
  • IHE - US Lab Harmonization update and review related TF CPs
  • Updates from the Connectathons

Other Housekeeping items – none

Call adjourned 11:59 PM ET