Lab Conf Minutes 10February2015

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Name Organization
Francois Macary (Technical Co-chair) ASIP Santé
Riki Merrick (Planning Co-Chair) Vernetzt, LLC
Carolyn Knapik (Secretary) CAP
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Allesandro Sulis CRS4
Dmytro Rud Roche
Jim Harrison University of Virginia
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
Daniel Moncusi Systelab Technologies
Ed Heierman Abbott


Agenda Reviewed (Francois)

Update from US connectathon 2015 – no update

Update on the ballot for the LAW profile (Carolyn Knapik)

  • Had extended the voting period (HL7 WGM and IHE Connectahon) voting closed last Friday 2//6/2015
  • Total of 8 votes – all affirmative (need to know, if that is enough votes – think that means we passed but Carolyn to verify)
  • Question on the LAW Profile CP changes- Ed updated draft version based on those changes:
    • CP233: For patient demographic option – analyzer manager should not send the elements in this profile, if the analyzer is not supporting that profile. Would that be an error, or can analyzer just ignore the extra data?
      • Undelete the footnote and change to The Analyzer Manager should send enhanced information ONLY when Analyzer supports the option – We have a statement already in the text in Volume 2. – May be repeat that statement before the table in addition to the footnote – it is just guidance – this does not change the intent of the CP – not a substantive change

Next steps for LAW (Ed)

  • Updated draft version with CP-233 and CP-236 and then all should be completed
  • Need to add in the Acknowledgement page – Ed reviewed, Francois will review next, then incorporate after the title page
  • Do we need to have internal QC before giving it to Mary? Not needed
  • Then turn over to Mary Jungers – will have some back and forth most likely
  • Discussions around the OG datatype in the v2.8.2 page
  • Use of CWE.2 vs CWE.9 – both are allowed, CWE.2
  • LAW publication date expected to be 2/27/2015
  • Working on setting up virtual testing of LAW before the next Jan 2016 Connectathon – missed the deadline for the European Connectathon
  • Highlighting the profile at the AACC this summer in Atlanta
  • Will use the v1.4 with the CLSI standard publication
  • Framework publication will be in 2016

Update on LDA project (John Hopson) – Ed will follow up for Update in March

Update on IHE-HL7 WG formation (Riki)

Other TF related CPs (Riki) – no update – goal is to have a list for March meeting

  • Have 6 CPs that are completed
  • Need to set up ballot before the European Connectathon – Francois will prepare the list for ballot before the next March teleconference

For March Agenda – review of the IHE Lab Domain Report F2F agenda topics besides:

  • Lab TF publication
  • LAW – CLSI coordination
  • Review LDA proposed content (see above) - #1 focus
  • LCC update
  • IHE - US Lab Harmonization update and review related TF CPs
  • Updates from the Connectathons
  • Virtual Connectathon Discussion (for LAW framework)

France has been working on an implementation guide using CDA for microbiology reporting – in French will be published by IHE France – proper vocab for describing tests and specimen in microbiology – should happen next week

Call adjourned 11:44 AM EST

Next Call 10 March 2015 at 10:00am (central)