Lab Conf Minutes 09December2014

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Name Organization
Francois Macary (Technical Co-chair) ASIP Santé
Riki Merrick (Planning Co-Chair) Vernetzt, LLC
Sabrina Krejci- for Carolyn Knapik (Secretary) CAP
Ed Heierman Abbott
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Laurent Lardin bioMérieux
Allesandro Sulis CRS4
Dmytro Rud Roche
Jim Harrison University of Virginia
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
Daniel Moncusi Systelab Technologies


Approval of minutes from the Deerfield face to face meeting November 10-12, 2014: Minutes approved unanimously.

    LAW 1.4 Preparation:
    • Discussion on Laurent’s proposal to simplify the microbiology messaging, eliminating the microbiology option, and simplifying the usage of OBX-4 as follows:/li>
    • OBX-4 is the sub-observation ID. If this field contains a number it represents a run number.
    • (We keep the “ST” data type for this field in LAW 1.4. Once HL7 2.8.2 is approved we may choose to adopt the new complex data type for this field, at the time we’ll integrate LAW into the LAB TF.)
    • LAW no longer mandates the unicity of (OBR-2, OBX-3, OBX-4). Multiple OBX sharing the same content for those 3 fields are differentiated through OBX-21, which represents the unique observation identifier.
    • The parent specimen (SPM-3), parent container (SAC-4) mechanism is used to relate an isolate to the specimen it comes from. Microbiology between analyzer and AM does not need to use parent results/child orders.
    • Action item: Laurent writes the CP capturing his proposal of simplification confirmed by the decisions made today.
    • Action item: In parallel, Riki double checks with OO that we interpret correctly the base standard in doing so.
      Discussion on OBX-3 and OBX-4:
      • OBX-21 is that identifying the observation not the segment, so when you want to replace the observation – would the OBX-21 be the same?
      • For connecting the parent child for analyzers when examining isolates (or any other kind of isolate) – isolate number is appended to the specimen ID
          • SPM-3 = parent ID
          • SPM-2 = isolate ID
          • SAC-3 = current container ID
          • SAC-4 = parent container ID

        Do we want a separate profile option for this – since we are no longer using the OBR-26 for linking the isolate to the result

        • Analyzer manager keeps record on which SPM-2 matches to which result from the parent test to be able to create the NO separate profile.
        • Laurent will create CP to remove the W. example.
      • Ed and Riki to finish off the options CP.
      • Expand the notion of options – 2 styles of optionalities – domain option – like POOL
        • And then options to the profile itself like patient demographics that are part of the test cases that analyzers can publish as part of their conformance statements
      • LAW 1.4 publication – Ed, Riki and Laurent – wrap up CPs by end of next week and send ballot out 12/19/2014 – minimum requirement for CP review by the group about 1 week – vote due by 1/5/2015
        • Publication in January should not impact the European Connectathon work nor the CLSI work.
        • Need to check with Mary – Ed will do and see, if she can take it on 1/12 instead.
        • Need to give John Hopson access to the wiki – may need to self-request, if needed we will approve


        • HL7 Jan 2015 ballot opening 12/12 – sign up closes 12/11 – interesting topics:
          • eDOS (v2)
          • functional requirements for EHR-S to receive lab results (FM)
          • US Lab Profiles for order, result and reporting to Public Health (US realm) as FHIR resources in General FHIR for Comment ballot
      • Call adjourned 12:12 PM ET
      • Happy Holidays!

Next Call

Tuesday, 13 January, 2015 @ 10:00AM Central Time