Lab Conf Minutes 08July2014

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Name Organization
Riki Merrick (Planning Co-Chair) Vernetzt, LLC
Laurent Lardin bioMérieux
Allesandro Sulis CRS4
Dmytro Rud Roche
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
John Hopson Abbott
Carolyn Knapik (Secretary) CAP

Regrets: Ed, Francois


Technical discussion on CPs for LAW profile (Ed), 45'

  • CP_LAB_225_OBR fields:
    • Add OBR-16.1 and the related assigning authority;
    • Beckman Coulter originally wanted to have additional fields in OBR, that we are now using OBX segments for that warrant _ OBX-29 thought we had this mandatory, will need to check that this the latest version and update via goggle groups with the final decision on usage for OBX-29; and
    • Beckman Coulter will use OBX for diagnosis from AM to A and values they an report back up as SCI.
  • CP_LAB_223_SpecimenInfo to Query- Extend the query from Analyzer to AM, extend the way we can query:
    • 4 new queries;
    • Allow use of SAC-4 field for query to have the link to the parent ID of the container;
    • How do we identify the query options in MSH-21? Need to discuss this a little further – idea use the profile ID to identify the specific;
    • May need to define error conditions, when the message does not conform to the profile – for now these are just identified for the connectathon; and
    • ACTION ITEM: Present how profiles work and how they could apply to the current set up in LAW documents – (Riki)
    • Explained how LAW identifies the RUNS and re-runs – each run had its own order number;
    • Cannot enforce the usage of C(RE/X), since SPM-11 allows for use of local codes


Other Topics? – News about CPs on LBL profile based on chapter 13

  • Comments and suggestions received were agreed. ACTION ITEM: need to update google groups for review on next call;
  • Comment about the SAC-26 field – this field should be providing the LBL transactions with information about the tube – the condition described here really means it’s usage is R for the messages where it is used (page 4); and
  • Possibly consider using the v2.7 description for the conditional in this proposal.

Housekeeping & announcements (Riki, Carolyn, François), 5'

  • F2F date will be November 11-12 in Deerfield, IL. Still waiting for word from IHE AP re: joint F2F meeting;
  • The HL7 WGM will be held in Chicago September 13 – 18, 2014 – there is a new IHE- HL7 collaboration WG in the process of forming – Riki will email details to the google groups on the proposed meeting time (comes from the IHE Domain Committee Coordination Call)

Call adjourned at 11:48 AM EDT

Next Call

Next call is 8/12/2014