Lab Conf Agenda 15April2014

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Time of conference: 10:00-11:00 AM (Central Time; Chicago)

  • Technical discussion on CPs for LAW profile (Ed), 45'
    • Review OBR Field recommendations (items 1-6, 9)
    • Review TCD/TQ1 proposals
      • Ordering replicates
      • Allowing Analyzer to pool specimens
      • Specifying dilutions with a dilution factor and a dilution name
      • Result Aspects and relationship to existing LAW constructs
    • Patient demographics
      • Sending patient-related comments to the Analyzer in LAB-28
      • Sending patient-demographic information generated at the Analyzer in LAB-29
  • 12-14 May face to face meeting agenda (François), 10'
  • House keeping & announcements (Riki), 5'