Lab Conf Agenda 11February2014

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Agenda review

  1. Update from HL7 WGM (Riki)
  2. Update and follow up from IHE Connectathon NA (Ed, François,Riki)
    1. Preparing a new set of CPs for LAW
    2. vocab issue: cerebrospinal fluid missing in table 0487 "specimen type" (for SPM-4)
    3. Merging two test scenarios "LAW_Manual_Urgent_AWOS" and "LAW_Process_Exception"
  3. Update on LCC (Jim)
  4. Call for Proposals went out (Riki)
    1. Among expected proposals: Reengineering LDA, ...
  5. Domain milestones and Planning for Face to Face (All)
  6. Use of codes in user defined tables - CGIT feedback (Riki)
  7. Other Topics?