Lab AP Conf Minutes 2015-Sept-08

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Recording available for download at


Carolyn Knapik CAP
Francois Macary
ASIP Sante
Riki Merrick APHL
John Hopson Abbott
Naomi Ishii JAHIS
Ed Heierman Abbott
Dmytro Rudd Roche
Benoit Denisselle  
Christel Daniel AP-HP
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
James Harrison CAP
Raj Dash, MD, FCAP CAP
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Charles Parisot GE
Laurent Lardin BioMerieux


Joint activities

  • Agenda Review:
  • Timeslot for AP report progression:
      • Still organizing getting together with the German colleagues – will aim for second hour of next month’s call or will send doodle– Note: October is the F2F visit in Tokyo
      • German team has started to migrate the current revisions of APSR into Art Décor using a single AP observation template
      • Ongoing effort to define top list of codes (for now PathLex codes to be migrated into LOINC) that can be used in CDA document – organ specific and general
      • Next steps:
        • Working on PSR document – have not managed to meet with the art décor team to create the new = this is a little ahead of current
        • Fist step: Take last release of APSR and migrate it as is into Art Décor
        • Update the next update of APSR based on the agreed CP for now
      • The choice of the committee is to first migrate the current APSR specification into Art Décor, and then evaluate the output. Second, a distinct project (introduced through the regular “supplement proposal” process of IHE) will be to reuse this base material to build the “PSR” project, in the scope of the merged domain.
  • Update on Merger Voting (Carolyn Knapik)
      • Tally from last Thursday: 8 yes, 1 no – voting ends 9/16, so please vote, if you haven’t done so already
      • Quorum for just IHE Lab was 4 – Carolyn will get quorum requirements from Chris Carr, might be hard to figure out which domain some folks belong to, as they belong to both, but get only 1 vote
  • Update on LCC (James Harrison)
      • Nothing new to report
  • Managing distributed review and editing within Art Décor
      • Easy to represent the entry templates, but unsure about how to build  the larger value sets from SNOMED CT or LOINC – not specifically an issue for APSR, as the template has simple structure, but how to better represent the LOINC observation codes
      • How far can we include SCT for value set generation – technical question:
  • Building valuesets is possible in Art Décor – can be used to build from any reference terminology already loaded into the tool = ICD-10, LOINC, SCT (latest version of international)
        • Would have to load PathLex into the tool, before we could use it to build out value sets based on PathLex
        • Verify with German team
        • Validate platform on clear scope of APSR first, then expand to PSR
  • Prepare question(s) for Mary and Riki to present to board (Riki Merrick)
      • Using Art décor as a publishing tool – what are the rules for changes and publication etc.
      • How will Art Décor be connected to Gazelle tool for schematron – Eric has been working on a procedure to take the output of Art Décor and translate/ import into Gazelle tool (object checker – there is MOU between IHE Europe and Art Décor team)
      • Where is the official instance of Art Décor for IHE?
        • US is using an instance of Art Décor for a profile and Gazelle team is using that same instance
        • Invite Eric to a next call to present the status of migration, possibly during the next face to face.
      • Governance of Art Décor content?
    • Feedback from DICOM Pathology meeting (Charles Parisot):
      • Reviewed the proposed merger between AP and Lab – interested in tracking that – DICOM AP is supportive of this process and will monitor
      • Plan for interoperability showcase(DICOM/IHE sponsored – working through the admin side of that) at May meeting of European College of Pathology in Berlin – workflow / including use of IHE profile – with possible repeat at CAP ‘16 in October – need more coordination
      • Review of scenarios for the interoperability showcase – will have to create multiple, more complex scenarios that will use more IHE content in the long run
  • F2F meeting logistics (Naomi Ishii)
      • Oct 19–21 – 3 full days – 9 AM– 5 PM local time
      • Recommended hotels – Naomi to send on September 9
      • Have meeting venue at JAHIS at Shinbashi station
  • LAW (Ed Heierman)
    • Status update:
      • In progress on working with CLSI on creating the standard based on LAW – first draft due this month
      • In process of collecting and creating final CPs prior to NA so that it can then be in TF (straightforward so far):
        • Handling of profile option identifier
        • Profile that should be optional on analyzer
        • LAB-28 message structure choices
        • OBX-4 usage
        • Pooling of specimen
        • Updatable / truncatable length
        • Tracing inventory segments to one or more OBXs
        • Minor edits to document
      • LAW will be spotlighted for NA, also IICC will help with publicizing the NA connectathon t make this major testing event for LAW
      • Gathering vendors for NA connectathon end of January 2016 in Cleveland
      • For F2F hope to have all CPs reviewed and approved at end of the F2F in preparation for NA. We’ll allocate two time slots for this CP review during F2F.
  • Technical Discussions
    • LSH (John Hopson)
      • Status
    • Should have supplement for first use case by F2F
    • 2 time slots reserved for LSH at F2F, on two separate days.
    • Iheap3.jpg
      • So just 1 use case per Trial Implementation release - we have 1 year for testing and use case 1 MUST have enough interest of vendors to get proper testing – at least at NA, Europe and Japan connectathons
  • Transactions
  • Iheap2.jpg
    • Discuss HL7 Carrier/Tray Status Messages
    • Iheap1.jpg
    • Message Structure
      • Have 3 specific transactions
      • Reviewing command and response:
            • SAC segment where device identifies the specimen can be omitted – so changed usage in LSH.3 to RE
      • Reviewing Chapter 13 – how do you communicate carrier and tray status to the automation manager – have specimen status and container status SAC-8 - can identify the tray / container, but nothing specifically to the status of the carrier / tray – ask Andrzej Knafel, main author of Chapter 13
      • Type of statuses: complete processing, etc – Dmytro will draft suggestion for these new fields – John will provide the detail Dmytro would need to write up a CR for OO
      • OO usually meets on Thursday 1 PM ET – Riki will let him know when it is on the agenda
    • F2F meeting needs: 3-4 hours – may a 3 hour block plus 1 hour next day for follow up work?
    • Who will attend October F2F in person?
    • Dmytro via webex
    • Alessandro in person
    • Riki via webex only most likely
    • Will send out draft agenda and an RSVP request to the list

    Call adjourned  10:50 AM EDT