Lab AP Conf Minutes 2015-Oct-13

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Carolyn Knapik CAP
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Mary Kennedy CAP
Laurent Lardin Beckman Coulter
Benoit Denisselle Beckman Coulter
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Riki Merrick APHL
Ed Heierman Abbott
Jeffery Karp CAP

Regrets: Francois Macary



  • APSR – need to wait till Christel is in attendance
  • LAW CPs
  • Raj – presentation sometime after 9:30 EDT

LAW CPs: (Ed)

James and Laurent provided feedback on LAW changes / clarifications -> Gazelle impact around use of Null and how to handle profile options

Gazelle detection of local codes – this should NOT cause an error

Test cases are not covering all the options, we are currently allowing in LAW – may need to update

Use of INV segment example – NEED to fix LAW

Ed is collecting all the input around the options – Laurent will review these – topic for the F2F LAW timeslot, need to be sure we have the option management worked out for the NA connectathon

Feedback from virtual connectathon:

No benefit to add the option qualifier into MSH-21 for actual implementations, but it is useful for schema selection in Gazelle during testing process – inconsistent naming of some profiles - Laurent will create slides for F2F to cover this topic

Beckman Coulter question about how to group INV segment

Ed will share his collection by end of day tomorrow

During F2F will also need to establish CP numbering for other CPs submitted by Dmytro, Johanna etc so we can then get that be formalized – make sure this set is prepped and incorporated in the NA connectathon testing

James and Ed will set up a meeting before end of this week, since James will not be at F2F

Migration to Art Décor for APSR / Creation of PSR = future project

Goal should be to have the knowledge represented in Art Décor, regardless of how it is exchanged – we do not want to lose the rules captured in APSR for the different situations

Would be nice to have Frank attend to give another overview / walk through of the tool – we did record his original presentation – Riki will check, if he could possibly be on for some of the time

For F2F meeting will set up the gotomeeting on CAP

Possibility of merging SDC, XD-Lab, and PSR (APSR): (Raj)

Take holistic view at structured reporting as it exists in IHE across domains

There are many profiles that are not specifically geared towards lab, but have basic functions pretty well defined

Not a single profile that covers ALL workflow yet, but where to go to get vendor participation and adoption across countries

One of the profiles that is aligned

SDC presentation – focus was research due to funding involved

ONC, FDA, AHRQ are major sponsors

Number of different forms might be finite / manageable number to provide

CAP electronic Cancer Checklist (eCC) – 80 forms – disease type specific as well as step in the care process

eCC was involved in connectathon – get an insight of what was discovered and share that in F2F

SDC uses both RDF as well as FHIR for data exchange

We could fill in gaps for AP and Lab data elements currently missing in SDC

Presentation layer = clinical reporting is the largest gap in SDC

Data element behavior / business requirements

Raj is researching more what is already available in Art-Décor – see art-dé

Christel has done some requirements gathering completed on what is needed for microscopy exchange to existing imaging standards

SDC is housed in AHRQ domain at IHE – need to figure out how do we work with them

What should we do about use of SNOMED CT (SCT) in IHE profiles –

DCC has request to domains to create enumerated lists of SCT codes used - would be better to allow identification of a hierarchy and not use the attributes to fully define the concepts – maybe use back channels and get the tech folks to see the benefit of supporting adoption without much of the risk

Other Topics?

  • F2F: Mary will send list of attendees to Naomi


Next call 11/10/2015 – but hopefully folks will join us at F2F in Tokyo next week, either in person or via phone

Call adjourned 10:15 AM EDT