June 2014 Porto

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meeting dates

  • Wednesday 11th June: Joint ISO WG6, HL7 Pharmacy and IHE Pharmacy meeting
  • Thursday 12th June : IHE Pharmacy meeting, parallel meeting HL7 Pharmacy
  • Friday 13th June : IHE Pharmacy meeting, parallel meeting HL7 Pharmacy

Agenda for the joint ISO WG6, HL7 and IHE meeting can be found under:

For detailed IHE Pharmacy agenda see:

meeting location


Rua Dr. Plácido da Costa, s/n

4200-450 PORTO


building https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/79ec4b88277a13ccffd28e5be/images/IMG_0869.jpg

useful addressess


useful information

List of participants File:Participants.xlsx

Sightseeing tips File:Visit Porto.docx

Public Transport

For the meeting in Porto, you will best served with a public transport ticket.

You can buy the tickets in any station using money or an ATM.


There is a station right outside the airport. To go from the airport to the main city hub (Trindade), you need to buy one ticket for 4 zones:


From there you can go anywhere.

You can plan the tickets you need to buy online. Simply see in the map your origin and destination, and it will tell you times, cost etc.


Or you can simply ask an attendant at the airport.

The City of Porto has kindly offered us a card with discounts:


This card offers discounts in some attractions and restaurants. It does NOT include public transport.

There is also a card that combines that with free pass for public transport, but since we already have the discounts, we do not need it.