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Patient Care Device 2015-09-28 2015-10-20 2015-12-04 1 2016-07-08 2016-08-05 2016-08-19 3 2016-08-26 2 2016-08-26 Y 2016-08-26

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PCD Home

Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) Profile

A work group has been established to analyze problems of associating automatically-collected medical device data reliably with patient identity to promote accuracy and completeness of medical device data in electronic medical records.

Current Work Plan

First Quarter 2015

Current documents

Anaysis of use case differences

Profile Proposals



Draft White Paper


Background documents

Patient Association options01OCT2010.doc : IHE_PCD_TF_Supplement_PIB_TI_2007_08_31.pdf : IHE_PCD_TF_Supp_PIB_2_TI-w-tracking.doc : IHE_PCD_TF_Supp_PIB_1_TI.doc : IHE_PCD_TF_Supp_PIB_1_TI-w-tracking.doc : CP-PCD-PIB-ITI-31- Option Final Update .doc : PatientDeviceAssoc-jgr.eap


AAMI 2011 Presentation : Point-of-care Identity Management 2012 Fall F2F.pdf




HIMSS Patient Identity Integrity White Paper

ECRI Institute E-lert: Patient Identification Prevents Life-Threatening Events

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