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This IPS profile uses the HL7’s IPS Implementation Guides that realize the CEN EN 17269 IPS dataset. Additional options pertaining to occupational Data for health and section constrains for a complete IPS sections support are specified within this profile.


This IPS Profile directly follows a joint project between CEN TC/251 and HL7 that has produced a content specification (CEN), a regional (Europe) guide for implementing the IPS Standard (CEN) with a global perspective, and two Implementation Guides (HL7) for CDA and FHIR, which conform to the CEN IPS dataset and business rules standard. ISO TC/215 has agreed to submit ISO 27269 Health Informatics – The International Patient Summary (EN 17269:2019) for DIS ballot. The CEN TS 17288 Health informatics — The International Patient Summary: Guideline for European Implementation will be likely published on April 2020. The HL7 CDA IG has been completed and published as STU1, the HL7 FHIR IG, already positively balloted, will be published as STU April 2020.

IHE International has been encouraged to both profile this work, and to contribute efforts towards Connectathon testing, Conformity Assessment, and demonstration opportunities. This profile describes how to use the IPS to support multiple international use cases, allowing for testing and deployment in commercial products. This IPS profile utilizes the HL7’s IPS Implementation Guides that realize the ISO/EN 17269 IPS dataset.

This work effort also includes specification considerations for testing. Structure of such documentation is pending further consideration and has yet to be specified.


  • Establishes a minimal yet non-exhaustive data set for a patient summary
  • Supports Planned and Unplanned care both within and across borders
  • The data set described is intended for global use
  • Contains a full mapping of the ISO/EN 17269 Data Elements to both FHIR and CDA documents
  • Adds additional testing options that support occupational data and an IPS Complete with no optional sections
  • Includes specification considerations for testing


The International Patient Summary (IPS) is a a minimal, non-exhaustive set of data elements defined by ISO/EN 17269 and realized by HL7 in both CDA and FHIR. The IPS is a snapshot clinical document that can be used for planned or unplanned care of a person locally or across borders. It emphasizes the data required and the necessary conformance of the use cases for an international patient summary.

Systems Affected

  • EHR Systems

Actors & Transactions:

PCC Share Content Diagram.png


Trial Implementation


Underlying Standards:

  • EN 17269 Health informatics - The International Patient Summary
  • HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide International Patient Summary STU Release 1
  • ISO/DIS 27269 Health informatics — The international patient summary
  • SNOMED International
  • Unified Codes for Units of Measures, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the UCUM Organization
  • Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classification system World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology
  • European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines
  • International Standard Classification of Occupations

CDA Templates

All CDA Templates that are used can be found in Art Decor

FHIR Implementation Guide

FUll FHIR IG found at

Using Resources at FMM Level 0-N:

• Composition (FMM 3)

• Patient (FMM N)

• Practitioner (FMM 3)

• MedicationStatement (FMM 3)

• Medication (FMM 3)

• AllergyIntolerance (FMM 3)

• Condition (FMM 3)

• Immunization (FMM 3)

• Procedure (FMM 3)

• Organization (FMM 3)

• DeviceUseStatement (FMM 0)

• Device (FMM 2)

• Observation (FMM N)

• Specimen (FMM 2)

• Imaging Study (FMM 3)

• DiagnosticReport (FMM 3)

• CarePlan (FMM 2)

• Consent (FMM 2)

The Structure Definitions defined by HL7's IPS IG:

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