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The IHE Integration Statement Registry provides a searchable database of vendor product conformance claims to the IHE Technical Frameworks.

The data is exclusively entered by vendors of the products indicating what IHE Actors and Profiles a specific released version of their product supports.

The registry supplements the IHE Integration Statement documents prepared and published by vendors. The database is easier to search, but the Integration Statement documents published by vendors should be considered the primary source of such information. A link to the vendor IHE Integration Statements is provided from the registry.

Search the Registry

Note: The registry opened on Sept. 2009 for vendors to start entering their Integration Statements but it may take some time before a large amount of data has accumulated.

A List of Products with IHE Integration Statements from June 2006 is also available.

Add data to the Registry

Vendors are encouraged to get a login and make their Integration Statements available to customers via the registry.

Other Use Cases

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Vendor Obligations

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When a vendor releases a product that claims support of an IHE Profile, they have an obligation to monitor changes to the IHE Technical Framework or Supplement that documents that Profile. When IHE publishes a change to the profile that requires changes to an implementation (something we try very hard to avoid doing), the vendor is obliged to either update their implementation so the Integration Statement remains valid, or retract the Implementation Statement.

Keeping that in mind, it is permissable for a vendor to include a Trial Implementation Profile in an Integration Statement, recognizing that there is a fair chance that the Final Text version of the Profile may require changes to implementations.

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