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The IHE-RO Job Jar

The creation of a 'job jar' to collect tasks, prioritize them, and solicit volunteers.

The Priority correspond to the following

5 - Highest Priority, Secretariat
4 - Higher Priority, PC Co-chair leadership
3 - High Priority
2 - Medium Priority
1 - Low Priority
0 - Should be removed from the list

The Lead corresponds to one or more of the following:

Abbrev Role Contact Info
RO Radiation Oncologist, PC Co-chair Bridget Koontz, bridget.koontz<at>duke.edu
MP Medical Physicist, PC Co-chair Colin Field, colin.field<at>ahs.ca
V Vendor, PC Co-chair Mark Pepelea, mark.pepelea<at>philips.com
Pub Publications Committee (ASTRO) Charles Able, cable<at>wfubmc.edu
Akkamma Ravi, akr9001<at>med.cornell.edu
Sec Secretariat Crystal Carter, crystal.carter<at>astro.org

Volunteers that have been identified should not be considered as owning the task. Other assistance is appreciated; please contact one of the above.

Please replace <at> with @ to generate the correct email address.

Status Update Sheets

To view the status on the job jar activities, please click on links below:

Job Jar Activities: Co-Chair Bridget Koontz

Job Jar Activities: Co- Chair Colin Field

Job Jar Activities: Co- Chair Mark Pepelea

IHE-RO Job Jar

Job Description Priority (5=hi, 1=low) Lead Volunteers Date Status
Establish IHE-RO Structure Is a Steering committee, Clinical Advisory Committee needed ? 5 PC Sec Crystal Carter
PC TCONs & meetings Organize Calls 5 PC Sec Crystal Carter
IHE Vision Document Prepare and Update annually 5 ASTRO Sec Crystal Carter
IHE-RO Structure Establish and publicize Terms of Reference, Position Terms, Succession planning 4 ASTRO MP
Job Jar Organize and maintain the job jar 4 ASTRO & PC MP
PC and TC Membership and participation Recruit volunteers for IHE-RO effort. Identify new stakeholders, and volunteers from other countries 3 PC & ASTRO RO Nick Linton, May Wahab
Physician communication strategy and IHE-RO compliance Develop simple concise statement of “what does this mean to me in the clinic ?”
Define what IHE-RO compliance means.
IHE-RO compliant planner means …
IHE-RO compliant advanced planner means …
reference IHE-RO helper
3 ASTRO RO Bridget Koontz, Mary Feng
IHE Communications Participate in TC TCONs 4 PC RO, MP, V PC co-chairs rotate
IHE Communications Participate in IHE co-chair TCONs 4 PC RO, MP, V Crystal Carter, PC co-chairs rotate
Other IHE-RO country domains Communicate with other IHE-RO country domains, e.g. Japan, Netherlands 3 PC V May Wahab
FDA Prepare white paper (details needed) USA specific. 2 ASTRO RO May Wahab, Zheng Chang
Publications and promotion Organize all communications with RO community through publications committee 3 ASTRO & PC RO Charles Able, Akkamma Ravi, Bridget Koontz, Zheng Chang, Nick Linton, Carnell Hampton, Marc Mlyn, May Wahab
IHE Webinar Prepare and give IHE Webinars 3 PC Pub Colin Field, Bruce Curran
Connectathon results Publicize results (via IHE-RO helper) 3 ASTRO MP Bruce Curran, Akkamma Ravi, Mohammad Salehpour
For DPDW profile provide continual feedback to the TC for development of the profile and reports progress back to the PC. Provide evaluation of completed profiles (make it user case specific) 3 ASTRO V Richard Popple, Sha Chang
For TDW-II profile provide continual feedback to the TC for development of the profiles and reports progress back to the PC. Provide evaluation of completed profiles (make it user case specific) 3 ASTRO V
For QAPV profile provide continual feedback to the TC for development of the profiles and reports progress back to the PC. Provide evaluation of completed profiles (make it user case specific) 3 ASTRO V Richard Popple, Alfred Siochi, Mark Pepelea, Nick Linton,
SAM Prepare content for SAM 2 ASTRO RO Kevin Albuquerque, Tony Quang, Ramesh Rengan, Akkamma Ravi, Colin Field, Rishabh Kapoor
Distribution of info Take IHE-RO message to other meetings (Lung, GU, etc). Stop giving talks to ourselves 3 ASTRO Pub May Wahab
Use Case Selection Organize use case solicitation, definition, selection, prioritization, interface with TC 3 PC & ASTRO V Colin Field, Mark Pepelea, David Nikolai, Crystal Carter, Marc Mlyn, all PC during process
Use Case Follow-up Followup with individuals who submitted as use case to let them know what is happening 2 PC V Nick Linton
IHE-RO helper Web-based tool to publicize document IHE-RO solutions 3 ASTRO MP Rishabh Kapoor (short term), ?? (long term), Akkamma Ravi
Connectathon Judging Attend the connectathon and serve as an independent judge 3 PC & ASTRO MP Lakshmi Santanam, Zheng Chang, Sha Chang, Carnell Hampton
Wiki keep it up to date 3 PC SEC Crystal Carter
RT Process flowchart Look at process map and re-examine where we have use cases on it (safety, workflow) 3 ASTRO MP Ning Jeff Yue, Mohammad Salehpour, Mary Feng, Richard Popple, Alfred Siochi, Nick Linton, Sha Chang, Marc Mlyn
Patient Archive Develop Use Case, vision to include long term goal of providing a patient archive with patient access. EMR requirements ? Could be tied to RT Process flowchart. Should be this be dealt with as a use case ? 1 MP Nick Linton
Communications Interactions with technical groups (e.g. TC, RT Shareholders, NEMA, others) 3 PC MP Dave Nikolai
Business Model Manage our budget, set fee structures, develop funding opportunities. How do we use resources. 4 ASTRO & PC V
Connectathons Support TC for connectathon planning and execution 2 PC V
ESTRO Connectathon ? Will we have a presence at ESTRO ? 2 PC V
Fund raising Identify and approach (or organize request) to organizations for funding 2 ASTRO V
Closing the Loop Ensure vendors release products  into the RO market within a certain time period from when the products passed at a Connectathon 3 PC V Mark Pepelea, Carnell Hampton
Re-testing at connectathons Prepare guidance document for re-testing at connectathon 3 PC V
Test Laboratory Figure out what IHE-RO needs to do 3 ASTRO V Colin Field