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IT Infrastructure Technical Framework
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Current Technical Framework - Revision 4.0
August 22, 2007
Copyright © 2007: IHE
Final Text Version

Ten IHE IT Infrastructure Integration Profiles are specified as Final Text in Version 4.0 of the ITI Technical Framework (ITI-TF v. 4.0): Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS), Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing (PIX), Patient Demographics Query (PDQ), Audit trail and Node Authentication (ATNA), Consistent Time (CT), Enterprise User Authentication (EUA), Retrieve Information for Display (RID), Patient Administration Management (PAM), Patient Synchronized Applications (PSA), and Personnel White Pages (PWP).

Change Proposals
Change Proposals manage modifications to the ITI Technical Framework

  • Approved Change Proposals not yet incorporated
  • Approved Change Proposals Incorporated in ITI-TF v. 4.0 (2007)
  • Approved Change Proposals Incorporated in ITI-TF v. 3.0 (2006-2007)

Supplements for Trial Implementation
Supplements extend the IHE ITI Technical Framework 4.0 for Trial Implementation.

  • Asynchronous Web Services Exchange - Published 2008-08-22
  • Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) - Revised 2007-08-18
  • Cross Community Access (XCA) - Published 2007-08-18
  • Cross Enterprise Sharing of Scanned Documents (XDS-SD) - Published 2008-08-22
  • Cross-enterprise Document Media Interchange (XDM) - Revised 2007-11-05
  • Cross-enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) - Revised 2008-XX-XX (Change Tracking version)
  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) Patient Identity Merge - Published 2007-08-18
  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing - b (XDS.b) - Published 2007-08-18
  • Cross-Enterprise User Assertion (XUA) - Revised 2007-08-18
  • Document Digital Signature (DSG) - Revised 2008-XX-XX (Change Tracking version)
  • Document-based Referral Request (DRR) - Published 2008-08-22
  • Notification of Document Availability (NAV) - Revised 2008-XX-XX (Change Tracking version)
  • Patient Identifier Cross-Reference (PIX) and Patient Demographic Query (PDQ) HL7 v3 - Published 2007-08-18
  • Pediatric Demographics Option - Published 2008-08-22
  • Registry Stored Query Transaction for XDS Profile - Revised 2007-08-18
  • Retrieve Form for Data Capture (RFD) - Published 2007-08-18
  • Sharing Value Sets (SVS) - Published 2008-08-22
  • Web Services for IHE Transactions (Appendix V) - Published 2007-08-18

IT Infrastructure User Handbooks
User handbooks provide advice, examples and considerations for the use of IHE ITI profiles.

  • Cookbook for the Security Section of IHE Profiles - Published 2006-08-30
  • HIE Security and Privacy through IHE - Revised 2008-08-22
  • Template for XDS Affinity Domain Deployment Planning - Revised 2008-XX-XX

IT Infrastructure White Papers
White papers scope the need for future profiles.

  • Cross Community Information Exchange including Federation of XDS Affinity Domains - Published 2006-08-15
  • Emergency Contact Information (ECON) - Published 2008-08-22
  • Publish/Subscribe Infrastructure for XDS.b - Published 2008-08-22

These archived documents are available as previous versions or early thinking on the subjects addressed. They are not maintained but are made available to understand the process of thought that led to the existing profile. Please refer to the corresponding profiles for further details.