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Editorial Team


  • Alean Kirnak (Software Partners LLC)
  • Joshua Painter (Intel)
  • Anna Orlova (Public Health Data Standards Consortium)
  • Charles Parisot (GE Medical)
  • Michael Nusbaum (for Canada Health Infoway)
  • Ana Esterlich (for QRPH)
  • Amit Popat (Epic)
  • Keith Boone (PCC)

IHE Editorial Team

  • Gila Pyke TBC
  • John Moehrke (GE)


Work-in-progress outline from meeting on 1/21


  1. Thesis, goals, audience


  1. Introduction to SOA
    1. Definition
    2. Value
    3. Goals
  2. Introduction to IHE
    1. Definition
    2. Value
    3. Goals

SOA in Healthcare

  1. Motivation
  2. State of the Art
    1. Survey of relevant SDO activities
      • HL7 SAEAF
      • HSSP/OMG
      • HITSP
      • DICOM
  3. Where SOA falls short

IHE Profiles as an interoperability foundation for SOA

  1. IHE Profiles Overview
    1. Infrastructure vs. domain-specific profiles
  2. Considerations for transitioning to a services architecture
    1. Organizational
    2. Technical
    3. Governance
  3. Benefits of a combined SOA & IHE approach
  4. Examples and Use Cases
    1. Clinical care
    2. Labs
    3. HIE
    4. Public Health

Future Considerations




General Discussion on White Paper Outline

place issues to be discussed among the editorial team here...

Original Detailed Proposal

SOA white paper detailed proposal