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White paper

Publish and subscribe was first addressed in a white paper, published in 2008. It can be found at the IHE web site.

Detailed proposal

Publish / Subscribe Infrastructure detailed proposal

Supplement for Public Comment

The 2009-2010 supplement to the IHE ITI Technical Framework includes a profile for Document Metadata Subscription (DSUB), and a new section for chapter 4 of the IHE ITI Technical Framework. The supplement will be published for public comment from June 1 to July 1, 2009.

Security Assessment

The security assessment spreadsheet for the DSUB profile can be found here.


Use cases

There are many use cases that can be addressed by publish and subscribe interactions. The current Document Metadata Subscription (DSUB) profile uses the existing Stored Query (ITI-18) catalog, and therefore limits subscriptions to be based on a single patient. When the Multi-Patient Queries profile becomes available, use cases which require subscriptions across multiple patients will enable the following use case to be addressed as well.

Public Health Surveillance

For the purposes of detecting patterns of infectious disease outbreaks, public health organizations may need to receive notifications on topics based on document content, such as specific diagnoses. While this is similar to the long-term subscription use case, the different use of topics in this use case makes an important difference. In such a case, the ability to specify topics which can match documents across multiple patients is required. This is possible to achieve using the queries defined in the Multi-Patient Query profile.

Implementation Notes

Topic Dialect

The Document Metadata Subscription profile (DSUB) uses the XDS Stored Query format as the filter topics dialect. It is identofied by the URN urn:ihe:iti:dsub:2009.

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