ITI January 7 2020 Minutes

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January 7, 2020 - Decision meeting


-John -Luke -Sylvie -Ben Levy -Chris Melo -Joe Lamy -Lynn Felhofer -Matt Blackmon -Steven Nichols -Sarah


  • Approve MHDS for Public Comment
  • Review and approve Mile stone 1 for SVCM


  • MHDS comments. edits from Lynn
    • John Moved we approve MHDS with edits from Lynn and addition of Open-Issue on diagram 1.1, Luke Second, no abstentions, no objections, approved
  • Review SVCM
    • needs re-wording of original text from SVS to more FHIR friendly terms
    • should leverage text available in FHIR
    • should leverage text available in Metadata handbook
    • should switch examples to be more FHIR typical, Thus likely more QEDm and MHD focused... less DICOM
    • Need all the current points still made
    • Will look to t-con over the next month, with approval of Volume 1 at beginning of face-to-face in February