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ITI domain CPs for 2014-2015 are managed here:

This page contains the minutes for the CP discussions during the April 2015 F2F meeting.

Minutes Apr 28

(1) Ballot 26 review

(2) Assigned CP discussion

  • CP-ITI-814 - Elliott L lead the discussion of changes to this CP. Several changes were suggested. Elliott will bring an updated version for review during Friday's session.

Minutes Apr 30

(1) Ballot 26 cleanup

  • CP-ITI-818 - CP changes were reviewed vs Elliot S's comments. Elliot agreed the changes are OK as is and withdraws his ballot comment. CP is approved for Final Text

(3) Incoming CP review

  • CP-ITI-ESL_Base64_Required.doc - assigned to Elliott L as CP-ITI-846
  • CP-ITI-ESL_ITI-42_Conflicting_Requirements.doc - assigned to Elliott L as CP-ITI-847
  • CP-ITI-ESL_MPQ_PatientId_Auditing.doc - accepted as Completed CP-ITI-848 (Elliott L) - will be in Ballot 27 future
  • CP-ITI-LF-ChapterHeadingTypo.doc - accepted as immediately Final Text CP-ITI-849 (fixed misspelling)
  • CP-ITI-LF-deadlink.docx - assigned to Rob H as CP-ITI-850
  • CP-workflowInstanceId-dataType.doc - accepted as Completed CP-ITI-851 (Mauro) - will be in Ballot 27 future
  • CP-ITI-metadataEncodingCleanUp.doc - assigned to Mauro Z as CP-ITI-852
  • CP-ITI-CDAUniqueID.doc - assigned to Rob H as CP-ITI-853
  • CP-ITI-LF-PIXcontentInPDQv3Vol1.doc- accepted as Completed CP-ITI-854 (Lynn) - will be in Ballot 27 future
  • CP-publish-message-semantic-fix.doc - assigned to Mauro Z as CP-ITI-855

Minutes May 1

All planned topics deferred to May 21 CP call; CP time given to PIXm.