ITI CPs 2015-02-23

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ITI domain CPs for 2014-2015 are managed here:

This page covers CP discussions during the Feb ITI F2F meeting in Paris. Agenda & call-in details for that meeting are here:

The current status spreadsheet dated 2015-01-15 is here:


(1) Assigned CPs ready for discussion

  • DSUB CPs:
    • CP-ITI-613 - Make Patient ID an optional parameter in Subscription Filter (Mauro)
  • Other CPs ready for discussion
    • CP-ITI-TBD

(2) Next in CPs

  • Next CP call is Fri March 6.

Minutes Feb 24, 2015

  • (1) Assigned CPs discussion outcomes
    • CP-ITI-613-02 that affects DSUB supplement has been revised by the ITI Tech committee. That CP is considered relevant because introduces new functionalities (subscription for multiple patients) that could bring up Privacy issues. The CP does not break on-field implementations because is structured identifying a new Option. Primary use-cases are related to XDW, but the changes introduced are not focused just on XDW, so it was suggested to identify other use-cases of interest. From the privacy point of view the CP does not introduce new challenges, however privacy issues already identified in Security Considerations section are amplified using the new subscription approach. It was suggested to add an analysis related to the new functionality in the Security Considerations section.

Minutes Feb 27, 2015

  • Two new DSUB CPs were accepted as assigned to Mauro
    • CP-ITI-831 - DSUB remove XCA
    • CP-ITI-832 - DSUB resources destruction event