ITI CPs 2014-10-16

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ITI domain CPs for 2014-2015 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the October 16, 2014 meeting.

Agenda 9-10am

chaired by Karen

The current status spreadsheet dated 2014-10-03 is here:

(1) Assigned CPs ready for discussion:

  • CP-ITI-672-05 - ReplyTo and MustUnderstand - (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-797-02 - Definition of Document - (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-805-01 - Document Uniqueness Validation - (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-802-01 - Fix mislabeled transactions in Vol 1 diagram - Lynn (per request from last CP call, the original diagram was edited to make integration of this CP easier next year)

(2) Process Incoming CPs:

  • CP-ITI-ES_Inconsistent_uniqueId_defn.doc - Elliot S.
  • CP-ITI-ES-On-demand_cleanup.doc - Elliot S.
  • CP-ITI-ESL_Audit_for_synchronous_webservices.doc (split from 672) - Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-LF-ITI-62SecurityConsiderations - Karen/Lynn
  • CP-ITI-MW-correct-xdw-example.doc - Manfred Weiss
  • CP-ITI-DR-Audit_in_ITI-55.doc - Dmytro Rud'

(3) Next in CPs

  • Our next regular CP processing call is Friday Nov 7. One goal will be to finalize the contents of Ballot 25 at this call.
  • If members are interested in getting your Assigned CP into a completed state for an early-November ballot, it should be brought to this meeting.
  • Ballot 25 will likely be the last ballot for the 2014 calendar year (unless something critical arises from Connectathon implementation late in the year).

Agenda 10-11 am

chaired by Rob Horn

(4) CP-800 Unique IDs discussion


An updated status spreadsheet dated 2014-01-22 is here:

(1) Assigned CPs discussed: - chaired by Karen Witting

  • 672 – We did not have two key people for discussing this – Bill & Vassil – so skipped. Elliot agreed to send the latest version to the ITI list for feedback.
  • 797 – Discussion of appropriateness of the changes, discussion of DICOM’s requirement to share normalized form. Agreed to add a phrase in two places, Elliott will provide version -03 which is ready for ballot.
  • 805 – Karen still not happy with the wording, Elliott & Karen to continue email exchange.
  • 802 – Rob added missing editor box and ready for ballot. Rob to provide updated version to Lynn

(2) Incoming CPs

  • * CP-ITI-ESL_Audit_for_synchronous_webservices.doc (split from 672) – Elliott presented. Agreed content was ready for ballot after updating some of the editor instruction to reflect changes in 2014 of movement to Final Text. This is assigned as CP-IT-807 and Elliott to provide updated version to be put in ballot

Due to time constraints, the rest of the general CP agenda (Assigned/Incoming) is deferred to the next CP discussion on Nov 7.

(4) CP-ITI-800 - chaired by Rob Horn

  • We reached agreement to add an "entityID" that is of format "urn:uuid:xxxxxxxxxxx". Carl will revise and put updated version on ftp server for next tcon. Review will be to confirm that the text is clear.