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ITI domain CPs for 2014-2015 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the October 3, 2014 meeting.


The current CP status spreadsheet dated 2014-10-01 is here:

(1) Assigned CPs ready for discussion:

  • CP-ITI-650-04 - OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model constraint or IHE ITI TF Example change (Karen)
  • CP-ITI-790-00 - Explicitly Indicate Local Patient Identifier (sourcePatientID) Merges in the XDS Registry (Karen, if Bill is available)
  • CP-ITI-443-04 - PDQv3 needs more Error Codes (Vassil, Karen)
  • CP-ITI-800-02 - CSD Resource Naming (Carl)
    • See also CP-ITI-800-UniqueIDs.ppt prepared by Rob
  • CP-ITI-797-01 - Definition of a Document (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-802-00 - Mislabeled transactions in Vol 1 (Lynn)

(2) Process Incoming CPs:

  • IHE_ChangePropsal_ATNA_Audit_DirectAddressing.doc (Daniel Venton - Allscripts)
  • CP-ITI-ESL_Document_Uniqueness_Validation.doc (Elliott L)

(3) Deja vu

  • CP-ITI-731 - DICOM Audit Differences - (Lynn - consulting for connectathon test guidance)

(4) Next in CPs

  • Looking ahead to plan Ballot 25
  • Lynn is unable to chair the Thurs Oct 16 call. Any volunteers?


Attendees: Bill M, Bob Jolliffee, Carl L, Derek R, Derrick E, Jim McInnis, Karen W, Mauro Z, Mick Talley, Rob H, Timothy Tyndall, Walco V, Lynn F, Elliott L, Elliot S, Vassil P, Ed Portscher

The updated CP status spreadsheet dated 2014-10-01 is here:

(1) Assigned CPs ready for discussion:

  • CP-ITI-650-04 - discussed and Completed - ready for ballot 25
  • CP-ITI-790-00 - Lynn will write a CP to clarify use of/definition of sourcePatientID and sourcePatientInfo; will be assigned to Bill as CP-ITI-804. Karen will continue work on 790
  • CP-ITI-802-00 - Lynn will email this CP to Karen to see if she has the original diagram. If it is, the diagram can be updated (rather than the change described) and this CP can be marked Completed & ready for ballot 25
  • CP-ITI-443-04 - approved as Completed - ready for ballot 25 to get HL7v3-expertise review
  • CP-ITI-800-02 - after extensive discussion the group concluded that the exchange will continue on the ITI Tech list, initiated by Rob's update to the ppt, and we will devote the Oct 16 CP call to this topic.
  • CP-ITI-797-01 - committee discussion resulted in several suggestions for Elliott, who will continue work on this CP

(2) Process Incoming CPs:

  • IHE_ChangePropsal_ATNA_Audit_DirectAddressing.doc --
  • CP-ITI-ESL_Document_Uniqueness_Validation.doc -- accepted as CP-ITI-805 ; approved as Completed; lynn will email to Karen for review.

(3) Next in CPs

  • The next ITI CP processing call is Thurs Oct 16, 9-11am CDT
    • 9-10am will be devoted to assigned and incoming CPs
    • 10-11am will be devoted to a continuing discussion of the Unique ID issue raised by CP 800 above. Rob will lead that discussion.