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TI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the July 17, 2014 meeting.


(1) CP Ballot 22 cleanup - - we missed discussing votes/comments on these Ballot 22 CP during the June call; they will be resolved here.

  • CP-ITI-672 - ReplyTo and mustUnderstand
  • CP-ITI-758 - Fix HPD Errors 2

(2) Review CP Ballot 23 results

  • Consolidated comments are in the above directory.

(3) Assigned CPs ready for review

  • CP-ITI-650-02 - OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model constraint or IHE ITI TF Example change - (Karen)
  • CP-ITI-529-03 - Missing date comparison - (Karen)

(4) Process incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-ESL_HL7_Encoding_in_SourcePatientInfo.doc
  • CP-ITI-MJ-replacingODDs.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-PAM-moveMandateOutOfOptionSection.doc


Attendees: Elliott L, Bill M, Christian O, Becky Lucas, Karen W, Rob H, Lynn F, Gila P

Updated status spreadsheet based on today's discussion, dated 2014-07-17, is here:

(1) CP Ballot 22 cleanup

  • CP-ITI-672 - discussion deferred to the F2F when George will be present to offer details on his comment
  • CP-ITI-758 - Suggested updates accepted. Lynn will make updates. Approved for FT

(2) Review CP Ballot 23 results

  • There were no "NO" votes on any of the CPs. All Ballot 23 CPs are accepted for Final Text, some with updates based on comments. Lynn will follow up with Carl about these.

(3) Assigned CPs ready for review

  • CP-ITI-650 - reviewed and ready for next ballot
  • CP-ITI-529 - reviewed, updated, and ready for ballot

(4) Process incoming CPs

  • HL7 Encoding in SourcePatientinfo - Assigned to Elliott L as CP-ITI-787
  • Clarify ability to replace stable doc w/ ODD and vice-versa - Assigned to Karen as CP-ITI-788. Lynn will put this on the F2F agenda for further discussion.
  • Move Basic Subset rqmt out of option section in PAM Vol 1 - Assigned to Lynn as CP-ITI-789.

(5) Strategy for tackling the CP backlog

  • During Wednesday's CP session at the F2F, attendees will be split into groups to review targeted CP bundles and asked to assess them based on:
    • Is the CP still valid, or should it be closed? Is add'l info needed in order to resolve it?
    • Is this an editorial change, or does it need a technical discussion? If discussion, what expertise is needed?
    • Should we consider re-assigning the CP?