ITI CPs 2014-06-19

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TI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the June 19, 2014 meeting.


(1) Review CP Ballot 22 results - Ballot 22 contents & consolidated votes/comments are here:

(2) Process incoming CPs if time permits:

  • CP-ITI-Forcare-XDS-ResultSinglePatient.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-533-00.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-ITI-8-typo.doc

(3) Next in CPs:

  • Ballot 23 is out for comments/votes until July 14.
  • Fri July 4 - no call
  • Thu July 17, 9-11am -- we will process Ballot 23


Attendees: Carl L, Bill M, Walco, Eric H, Elliott L, Karen W, Rob H, Gil L, Erik P, Nancy R, Lynn F

An updated status spreadsheet dated 2014-06-19 is here:

(1) These CPs had comments & were discussed:

  • 493 - updated during the call. Reviewers should confirm that updates address comments. Approved for FT, pending reviewers' email confirmation
  • 543 - updated during the call; consensus that the changes address comment. Approved for FT.
  • 560 - failed ballot; back to assigned. This CP should be re-worked as a change to XDS-SD rather than XDS. CP's rationale was updated with this comment.
  • 722 - the update figure needs to be provided, otherwise the CP will fail ballot
  • 723 - approved w/ Lynn's minor editorial updates; Lynn will write a new incoming CP to address Edmond Scientific's comments on this CP.
  • 726 - Carl will update text from passive to active voice & Lynn will send to John for review. Approved for FT, if John agrees this update addresses his concern
  • 728 - Approved for FT.
  • 733 - updated to address comments. Approved for FT.
  • 734 - Carl will provide an update to address comments. Reviewers should confirm that updates address comments. Approved for FT, pending reviewers' email confirmation
  • 748 - editorial updates; Approved for FT.
  • 762 - Gil withdrew his comments 1 & 2. He will provide updated wording to address comment 3. Reviewers should confirm that updates are acceptable. Approved for FT, pending reviewers' email confirmation.
  • 763 - Walco withdrew his comment. Approved for FT.
  • 769 - failed ballot; back to assigned. Need to incorporate changes based on Lynn's comments & Walco will contact Mauro about his "no" vote.
  • 771 - failed ballot; we need to be more clear in this generic attribute description that rules for enforcement of hash is deferred to specific profiles. Back to assigned.

(2) These Incoming CPs were processed:

  • CP-ITI-Forcare-XDS-ResultSinglePatient.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-785 and assigned to Gil Levi
  • CP-ITI-LF-533-00.doc - re-accepted as CP-ITI-533 and assigned to Gil Levi
  • CP-ITI-LF-ITI-8-typo.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-786 and assigned to Ben Levy so he can confirm the proposed change.

(3) Next in CPs:

  • July 4 CP call is cancelled
  • comments on Ballot 23 are due July 14; these will be discussed at the July 17 CP call
  • per recommendation at the May F2F, in the coming week, Lynn will identify CP "bundles" for special focus in the coming month so that these CPs can hopefully be worked on in the near-term and then discussed with the large group during the July F2F