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TI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the June 6, 2014 meeting.


(1) Review Assigned CPs:

  • CSD CPs ready for review: (Carl Leitner)
    • CP-ITI-777-00 - Care Service Function Query Definition
    • CP-ITI-778-00 - CSD fix typo scheme vs schema
    • CP-ITI-779-00 - CSD extension points
    • CP-ITI-780-00 - CSD Interlinked Registries
    • CP-ITI-781-00 - CSD Organization Facility unboundedness
    • CP-ITI-782-00 - CSD naming of organizations, facilities, and providers
    • CP-ITI-783-00 - CSD Move non-normative code to the ihe ftp site (Appendix W)
  • CP-ITI-529-02 - Missing Date Comparison (Karen)
  • CP-ITI-650-02 - OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model constraint or IHE ITI TF Example change (Karen)
  • ...any others that are ready...

(2) Review Incoming CPs:

  • CP-ITI-KW-MoveXCPDOptions.doc

(3) Next in CPs

  • Tues June 17 - Ballot 22 comments/votes are due
  • Thu June 19, 9-11am CDT - CP processing call to review Ballot 22 results


Updated status spreadsheet dated 2014-06-10 is here

CPs processed:

  • CP-ITI-KW-MoveXCPDOptions accepted, Karen will coordinate with Lynn for a number, to go into ballot ASAP.
  • CP-520 Discussed, revised handling of missing start and stop.
  • CP-777 OK, ready for ballot
  • CP-778 Add the word example to the example values, Karl to update the document.
  • CP-779 OK, ready for ballot
  • CP-780 Revised wording on matching, Karl to update document.
  • CP-781 May revise to require that there be at least one facility in a facilities, etc. Karl will check and update it needed.
  • CP-782 OK, ready for ballot
  • CP-783 OK, ready for ballot

Minutes =