ITI CPs 2014-05-02 (Oak Brook F2F)

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ITI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for CP processing during the ITI Tech F2F meeting in Oak Brook Apr 28 - May 2, 2014

Agenda & Minutes

Apr 28

(1) Review of Ballot 21 comments & votes -

Apr 29

(1) Ballot 21, CP-ITI-655 - review Rob's ballot comment:

  • Is PID-29 prohibited in all but discharge? Should this be allowed in other uses where the patient has died. For instance, what about appointment cancellation? Shouldn't this be conditional on PID-30? Allowed only if PID-30 is Y?
  • Outcome: Updates were made based on Rob's comments, so Rob withdrew his "no" vote. Lynn will distribute the updated version to Marek V, who has been tracking the progress this CP. If the changes are acceptable, this CP is approved.

(2) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-748-03 - Basic Subset Option - PAM profile (Gibaud, Ben Levy)
    • Outcome: The committee discussed alternatives for addressing this CP including (1) define rqmts in a national extension, (2) define a new transaction for PAM that includes the subset of messages, (3) . Alternative (3) was chosen. A subset of the committee (Ben, Isabelle, Francois) will continue work on a future call to be scheduled.
  • CP-ITI-749-01 - Structure of the ZBE segment (Gibaud, Macary)
    • Outcome: Isabelle will provide version -02 of this CP. Lynn will distribute this to a targeted set of HL7 experts and this version will be discussed at a future CP call
  • CP-ITI-744-03 - Attribute cardinality labeling (Karen)
    • Outcome 1: The committee had a lively and sometimes-contentious discussion about how to express both whether a metadata attribute is Required or Optional, and whether or the attribute may be multi-valued.
    • Outcome 2: At the next CP call, Lynn will seek a new owner for this CP.

Apr 30

(1) Progress on CPs against Vol 3 -- Karen - Review of analysis of Vol 3 CPs by Karen, Mark, and Walco.

  • The status spreadsheet and ftp site is updated with the resolution on these CPs:
    • 352 re-assigned to Walco
    • 385 Cancel
    • 525 re-assigned to Walco
    • 528 re-assigned to Walco
    • 530 Cancel
    • 532 Cancel
    • 543 re-assigned to Karen (ready for ballot)
    • 560 re-assigned to Walco
    • 620 Cancel
    • 630 re-assigned to Walco
    • 634 no change
    • 635 no change
    • 698 Cancel as dup of 677
    • 722 re-assigned to Walco
    • 727 Cancel as duplicate of 594
    • 738 re-assigned to Walco
    • 744 discussed on Monday, Karen would have taken this but is retracting her offer given lack of agreement on approach.  karen suggests this be canceled as the current language is "good enough"; We will discuss on Friday
    • 757 re-assigned to Walco
  • Discussed:
    • 529 assigned to Karen.  Direction discussed but complexity of resolution requires further discussion.
    • 594 Still necessary, no new owner found, no change.
    • 595 after discussion re-assign to Ben Levy
    • 650 assigned to Karen.  Direction discussed and Karen will propose language.
    • 677 agreed on a direction, merged into CP 739, Cancel
    • 694 canceled
    • 720 Put on agenda for next time Walco or Mark are available for discussion, should be reassigned from John but not clear whether Mark/Walco will take it.
    • 739 Discussed the TODOs in the rationale.  Resolved that mimeType does not need update and John will address the other TODO.  John also will merge in CP 677 which can be canceled
    • 751 Agreed with the proposed change, keep owner as Bill
  • General CPs:
    • 672 - discussed concerns with this CP (Bill, Vassil, John all present).  Agreement on technical direction of the CP. Vassil will provide a footnote to replace some text.  After that footnote change ready for ballot.

May 1

Current status spreadsheet: dated 2014-04-30 is here:

(1) Method for Attacking Open CPs (Lynn) The committee discussed alternatives for effectively addressing open CPs. We reached consensus to focus on bundles, and have bundle-focused CP calls. (bundles are CPs of like focus, eg security, HL7v2, Vol 3...) This will enable interested cmte members to focus their attention on specific calls. This model will require additional work to effectively coordinate the call. Lynn will identify the targeted bundle(s) two weeks in advance of a given call, and she will add a 'bundle' column to the status spreadsheet to enable easier handling of CPs.

  • These other options were considered...
    • stay the course
    • contact owners individually
    • allocate extra time in 14-15 cycle to work on CPs during F2F

(2) Ballot stuff (Lynn)

  • Summary of open Ballot 21 items - Bill to review 3 next week; Marek to review change to PAM CP
  • Ballot 22 planning (last ballot to be integrated in 2014 docs)
    • 05/15 -- next CP call
    • 05/20 -- ballot content & spreadsheet sent to IHE USA staff (Lynn)
    • 05/21 -- ballot sent to ITI Tech email list (Nancy)
    • 06/17 -- ballot comments due (ITI Tech)
    • 06/18 -- ballot comments consolidated (Lynn)
    • 06/19 -- CP call for ballot 22 review (ITI Tech)

(3) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-744 - Attribute cardinality labeling (Lynn) - members agreed with Karen's proposal to cancel this CP with rationale that the current wording is good enough. Saints be praised.

(4) Process incoming CPs: in

  • CP-ITI-LF-Deid-fix.doc - rejected; not needed
  • CP-ITI-LF-errorInReferenceIdListExample.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-767; assigned to John M
  • CP-ITI-facilityType-Security.doc - accepted as ready-for-ballot; CP-ITI-768

May 2

Updated status spreadsheet: dated 2014-05-02 is here:

(1) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-758 - Fix HPD Errors 2 (Christian Ohr) - reviewed with cmte; will do one final check with Christian at May 15 tconn
  • CP-ITI-759 - Clarify HPD Credentials (Christian) - same as above
  • CP-ITI-720 - Clarify Replacement for addendum and transformation docs (Mark or Walco) - Walco will confirm with Mark that updating the diagram is sufficient to address this CP; Sylvie will update the diagrams; if that is the extent, this CP will go in to Ballot 22
  • CP-ITI-672 - Clarify mustUnderstand (Elliott) - updated with cmte confirmation; ready for ballot 22
  • CP-ITI-529 - Missing date comparison (Karen) - Karen presented an analysis of the problem; cmte agreed with her direction
  • Ben Levy agreed to take HL7v2 CPs 623 and 666, which had been assigned to people no longer active in cmte

(2) Process incoming CPs: in

  • CP-ITI-Arsenal-NonLinearPathXDW_and_InputOutputCodification.doc - assigned to Mauro as CP-ITI-769 - Mauro will make updates based on committee input and we will discuss on May 15
  • CP-ITI-IT-hash.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-771 - ready for ballot 22
  • CP-ITI-LF-FixXUASubjectRoleAttribute.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-770; assigned to John M
  • CP-ITI-LF-HPD-attribute-typos.doc - accepted as CP-ITI_772 - assigned to Christian to confirm suggested fixes
  • CP-ITI-LF-ITI18auditMsgCorrection.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-771 - ready for ballot 22
  • CP-ITI-LF-MHD-fix.doc - rejected; this section will be updated in the new version of MHD
  • CP-ITI-LF-SVS-ITI60RqdOrOptional.doc - accepted as CP-ITI-773; ready for balllot 22

(3) Next in CPs

  • The next CP call is on Thu May 15.
    • This call will be the last one for CPs to go into Ballot 22 (last chance for CPs to be integrated into 2014 docs)
    • bundle focus to be announced on Monday